Stop, Smell and Celebrate the Flowers, It Can Be Productive


Stop, Smell and Celebrate the Flowers, It Can Be Productive

I am sure you have heard various idioms around stopping and smelling the roses.

We typically take this to mean something along the lines of taking the time to slow down and appreciate the things around us that we might be missing out on. I would like to expand on this idea and think of it through the lens of how we make decisions in our work. What I would like to add to this, is the idea of celebration.

Having learned to celebrate a variety of things in my life, I see it now as an essential connecting piece between stopping and appreciating. I see celebration as an important connector between the two that brings more life to this act.

There are four benefits of adding celebration to stopping and appreciating:

1. Accomplishment.

At work when we take time to acknowledge achievements, we are recognising the accomplishments we and or others have had. When we celebrate what we and or others have done we create ownership of it and acknowledge the work that has gone into making it happen. When this is done as a group, it promotes good teamwork and can generate enthusiasm for future endeavours or projects.

2. Confidence.

When we stop and appreciate what has been accomplished through celebration, we are taking pride in what we have done, and what others have also achieved thus building up our confidence. This confidence can assist us with engaging in new ideas or directions we want to go in. In a sense, we are saying, “Yes, we did it, and we can do it again, bring it on.”

Doing this assists with overcoming things like the imposter syndrome. When I celebrated the writing of my book a strange thing occurred, I had an internal confidence boost where I suddenly said to myself, “Yes I am an author and what I have written is good.” It was like an exclamation mark at the end of an emotive phrase emphasising my personal success.

When done for others we can help build confidence within a team to move onto greater challenges. This fostering of trust can give us the confidence to smash our goals.

3. Morale.

Celebration also assists with building morale. Morale keeps me going through the difficult or even boring parts of work. It is the internal push and pulls that keeps me ticking along. The reality is that life is up and down and sometimes crap happens that is unexpected. When we have stopped and celebrated our success, we can draw on this to remind us that we can keep going.

Celebration can also build morale in a team. We all know that one member of a team can change the dynamics of it for better or for worse so building good morale can be very helpful as we can all assist each other with keeping our focus in the face of things that may be discouraging.

This can also translate into loyalty. When loyalty and goodwill are present good teams or partnerships can stick together or reform when needed.

4. Creativity.

Celebrating achievements can also be about recognising the creativity that went into what was accomplished. Doing this can foster further creativity and assist us with feeling confident to bring these skills to bear on our work again.

Creativity can also be fostered through the act of celebrating. This gives others and us a chance to have fun with our creativity without any consequence. Allowing our creativity to flourish in this way can assist us with being more creative in our work.

Stopping, appreciating and celebrating can make us feel accomplished, build our confidence, foster healthy morale, and foster our creativity.

When we do this, it is not about ego, but rather it is about taking pride in our work and discovering what skills, strategies or techniques we can use again in the future for success. These acts can then be about doing and achieving, thus assisting us with obtaining our goals.

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