Stop Looking and You’ll Find It


Stop Looking and You’ll Find It

Remember when you were looking to buy your last car and all you saw every day was your car or the colour of the car you wanted.

If you were thinking of buying a red car, you’d see red cars everywhere and yet before you started thinking of buying a red car, you rarely noticed a red car at all.

Sometimes what we have in our mind focuses us on seeing more of that.

If you think that business is hard, it’s hard. If you believe that no one is buying what you’re selling, then you won’t have any buyers. And yet, if you shift the thinking to believing that there are people who want what you’re selling, you’ll find people buying from you.

It’s the same with networking. Now, I’m no expert at this by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve certainly done my fair share of avoiding networking events and have come up with all sorts of excuses over the years, whether to myself or others, on why I can’t attend an event.

And yes, I’ve been told over and over again, it’s about the relationships and building connections, and it takes time for people to get to know, like and trust you to the point of wanting to have a conversation about what you offer.

Sometimes though, it’s when you’re not looking that you find what you’re seeking.

Many years ago when I was single someone suggested to me that I needed to go out more but that I was to go out to enjoy the company of the person not with the expectation that it would develop into a long-term relationship. When I stopped looking for Mr Right, Mr Right turned up (well, I thought it was him at the time … But that’s another story).

Seems to me to be the same with networking. I used to think it was all about people pushing business cards into your hands and expecting you to want to do business with them. At one event I went to last month, I had a few people put business cards in my hand without me asking for them and interestingly, not asking for my business card in return, perhaps I should have given them out too. But that’s not my style.

My thoughts were simply to get out and meet a few movers and shakers in the business community and to get a feel for what networking events I want to be a part of in the long run. I figured, I’d start to get an idea of the different businesses, and when I need their services, I’ll have a starting point for some conversations in the future.

So, I was very surprised to make a connection with one person who is my ideal client and with whom I’m now in conversation with as a potential client. I believe a large part is because I wasn’t actually looking for the business, I was just wanting to hear about other people’s businesses and what they’re doing.

Whilst, I’m all about focusing on the numbers to improve them, in other areas, sometimes it’s best to stop looking hard and expecting results straight away.

You might be surprised at how quickly things fall into your lap that you weren’t expecting.

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