Stop Getting in Your Own Way of Partnerships


Stop Getting in Your Own Way of Partnerships

I have always said that the quickest way to grow your business is through partners and sharing of networks. Having the ability to be exposed to thousands of people in a matter of minutes and at zero cost is amazing.

So why don’t we all do this all the time?

I’m always looking at what corporates do and then modelling the same activity, but on my scale. They understand that sharing networks and customers is far more efficient, quicker and gets faster results than trying to do it all themselves.

Here are just some examples:

  1. Commonwealth Bank and Cricket Australia
  2. Virgin Australia and BP Petrol stations
  3. MasterCard & Visa with just about anyone that will come on board
  4. The AFL with Virgin Australia
  5. Timezone and McDonalds

And I’m sure you have come across many more yourself but just might not have recognised what was happening.

If you look at the relationship, they are both promoting one another and sharing their current customers with the other party. The result more customers for both parties, without having to spend money on marketing.

So what is stopping you from doing this every day? Well generally it is our own mindset and thinking that people will not want to partner with us.

It is time to get over ourselves and start asking… “What is the worst that happens? They say no?”

Just think how many hundreds of thousands of business owners there are that you could be talking to right now and it all starts with a simple conversation.

Finding partners does not need to be hard, start by having a look in your network to who has the same target audience as you do.

Next, look on social media for groups, pages and people that you could have conversations with.

Finally look big to professional associations, magazines, TV, radio, blogs and see who is talking to the same people that you want to talk to and reach out to them.

Once you have made a list of people, start reaching out and ask if they are interested in creating some form of win/win collaboration. You don’t need to know what it is that you will do together, you just need to know that you would like to do something.

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