Staying on Top of Your Game


Staying on Top of Your Game

We all have days when we just can’t focus.

Even though a deadline may be looming we can still find ourselves going around in circles; sidetracked on social media, playing with the dog or cat, even the washing takes our attention. What’s that about?

That’s happened to me too many times to count. What I’ve uncovered through personal trial and error and some good old research is there are many reasons why we, at times, sabotage our work. In fact, we could be unknowingly sabotaging our ability to be super effective whilst working.

So, what do we need to do to stay on top of our game?

Do not multi-task.

Females, especially wear this as a badge of honour. I personally find when I’m trying to focus on too many tasks something gets missed, and I make mistakes. Even as I’m writing now I’m mindful that I didn’t turn off my email notifications; I’m distracted. It takes a good few minutes to get back into the correct thought pattern after such a distraction, so imagine how many wasted minutes there are when you are working and having side email distractions.

Multi-tasking does not sit with the design of our brains. We are putting this poor muscle under stress with less speed for everything we’re doing. You just cannot work or perform at your best. Read this research piece, Multitasking: Switching costs, on multi-tasking and the cost to efficiency and raising of risks if you’d like to know more.

Just like doing some exercise each day, staying on top of your game while at work, is a matter of building good habits.

  • Set clear goals; long and short term. Know what you are setting out to achieve every single day and then work in 60 to 90-minute blocks. I set my watch so that it vibrates just prior to each hour. This reminds me to move, so I walk to the water cooler and refill my glass of water. Sometimes I’ll throw in a walk up and down the stairwell to get my blood pumping.
  • Hydration is so, so important and that means water. If your brain had its own nutrition label listed on it, the number one ingredient would read water. Signs to be aware of that you may be dehydrated are fatigue, headache, irritability, constipation, dizziness and foul-smelling urine. A lack of hydration will stop you being on top of your game.
  • Practise having tunnel vision to the task you are working on. Literally feel like you’ve put blinkers on to everything around you and be in the ‘here and now’.

Follow a good eating plan.

It is worth a visit to a good Naturopath, Nutritionist or Dietitian to really understand what foods are best for you. Not so surprising is there are foods that help you excel where others give you brain fog or worse. I’m sure you know to eat your vegetables and fruit daily. Phytochemicals found in your vegetables and fruit are excellent for your brain health. Berries, in particular, are an excellent source of greatness.

Stay active.

Regular exercise has positive effects on our brain at whatever age we are. Exercise enhances the blood flow to the brain and keeps our blood vessels healthy. There are just so many options to exercise. Check out my last article, The top 5 exercise myths dispelled. A common problem business owners’ face is lack of time; however, if you don’t make the time to exercise, eventually you will have to make the time to be sick.

Do take some time now to stop, think and plan how you can ensure you include these ‘staying on top of your game’ tips into your busy world. I promise you will notice the difference for yours and your business’s health.

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