How to Stay Connected With Your Family When You’re in Business


How to Stay Connected With Your Family When You’re in Business

I read something today on a parenting site that said ‘it’s not about having time, it’s about making time’ and it reminded me of a conversation I had recently with my kids Kindermusik teacher, Jude.

We were talking connection between a parent and a child, and sometimes lack of. Which led to discussing how distinctly different Australians go about juggling work and home compared with the rest of the world.

I don’t work because I have too, I do it because I love what I do and I make no apologies for that. It took a lot of hard work and careful planning to grow our businesses to this point and my husband and I run everything together.

We also raise our kids together, meaning when one of us has a work engagement, the other is home. It’s not uncommon to see my husband sitting on the floor with our son in his music class or doing his best to create the hairstyle requested by our daughter before school.

It’s also not uncommon for the kids and me to be out adventuring all weekend without him while he gets some quiet time at the office. It’s anything but a nine-to-five life.

Coincidently, I also weighed in on a discussion this week with other business owners, about the advice we’d have for ourselves as parents to be, and my responses very much mirrored the life we live as an entrepreneurial family.

So how do you do it? How do you live the sometimes crazy life of a small business owner and stay connected with your family?

1. ‘Normal’ doesn’t exist.

We stopped trying to force ourselves into the box of how we ‘should be living’. We stopped asking ourselves questions like, “Is this normal?” Because the reality is, an overall normal just does not exist. Family grooves are unique and what works for one, won’t work for another. We live our life by our design.

2. Run your own race.

Growing kids and growing businesses are much the same, they develop at their own pace so stop comparing! Everyone is at a different point on the path and moving at a unique pace, so don’t use someone else’s position to determine where you should be.

3. Make your own time.

We don’t have time, ever. We make it. And we do that by looking at our life as a whole. There is no balance, we have priorities. It’s important for us to get down on the floor each week at Kindermusik and live in our kid’s world for an hour, so we make the time. Just like we make the time to have at least one meal per day together as a family, because that’s important to us too.

4. Communicate and involve your kids.

Communication is vital to staying connected with your family. We always know what’s happening with each other, the businesses and our kids. And our kids know what’s happening within the businesses. We’re always on the same page.

5. Find time regularly to do something you love.

This is important because as parents, Mum’s especially, we tend to go without. But that’s a choice we make and that’s something that needs to change. No matter how small the window of time may be, make time every day to do something that you love. It could be as small as a cup of tea on your own, or going for a walk. But you cannot be an effective anything if you’re not nurturing yourself first.

Our life is always busy and mostly unpredictable, but we always stay connected. And that’s because no matter how crazy it gets, we are writing our own story and by following our own rules, ‘making time’.

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  • Kerry

    Great article Lee, I particularly love your advice surrounding ‘normal’. Totally agree, it doesn’t exist.

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