Intellectual Property Assets Help You to Stand Out


Intellectual Property Assets Help You to Stand Out

Have you niched down in your coaching or consulting business, but are still struggling to stand out from the noise?

It’s a bit of a jungle out there. With the rise of the internet and places to hang out like Facebook groups, you might feel a bit like it’s hard to become known for what you do.

In this article, I’m going to share 3 reasons why intellectual property (IP) assets are something you need to develop in order to boost your credibility and stand out from the crowd.

1. Intellectual property assets give you instant credibility.

You know you’re good at what you do. You’ve got past client testimonials singing your praises. But, there’s a piece of the puzzle missing. With sexy models, you can suddenly jump to instant credibility because now it’s not just you saying these things, it’s you showing these things.

Think about it like this: Stephen Covey’s book isn’t called, How I can help you be more productive, although he could have called it that. That doesn’t position him credibly. Instead, he has a system, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. And suddenly it becomes a ‘thing’ separate from him.

Boom. Credibility.

2. Tap into the instant ‘real’ factor.

Sounds silly, I know. But here’s the thing, people need to see it to believe it. When they can see something, it becomes real; it becomes more tangible. Many coaches are trying to sell a vague experience, such as, ‘I can help you be more productive’; while for some buyers, that might be enough, many are more sceptical, ‘how will you make me more productive?’

Of course, you can talk about the benefits of your coaching and your techniques. But do you know what works even better? Showing your potential clients. Think about it this way: Would you buy a car having only read a written description of it? Or would you like to, at the very least, see pictures of it? Ideally, you’d like to take it for a test drive.

That’s where IP assets, especially visual representations of what’s in your brain becomes so powerful. People feel like it’s a real thing and they can trust it.

3. Instant differentiation from others.

Standing out from others isn’t easy. But most coaches aren’t creating visual models for their IP… Yet. So, there’s one way to lift your game. Sure, the trend of creating IP assets is catching on, but get in early and beat the crowd.

If there’s a coach saying, “I’m a productivity coach and I help my clients steal back their time”, and you’re there saying, “Here are the 5 pillars to super productivity. Let me show you the picture.” Who stands out more?

You’re both productivity coaches, but with the visual representation of how you can improve someone’s productivity, instantly you stand out as being different.

So, there you have it, my top 3 ways that IP assets help you to stand out from the crowd:

  1. Instant credibility.
  2. Instant ‘real’ factor.
  3. Differentiation from others.

With that in mind, I really believe that creating IP assets, especially visual models, is something you can’t afford not to do.

I’d love to know your thoughts. Are you more ready to buy from a coach with visual IP assets than someone without? Let’s chat in the comments below.

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