Smiling Increases Revenue

A simple smile will make all the difference in your business transactions.

We’ve all been into a shop at some point and been met with a shop assistant who isn’t interested in helping, and chances are we may have walked out having not bought anything. I’ve even done this when buying a car and gone to the dealer many suburbs away and bought from them as the person I was dealing with there was smiling and happy.

Now you can put it down to poor service or to the shop assistant having a bad day or even to the shop owner not training their staff well, but the truth of the matter is that a simple smile can make all the difference.

Whether you sell face to face or over the phone, having a smile on your face makes all the difference to the transaction.

I remember many years ago being told that before you answer the phone, you should always put a smile on your face as it changes the tone of your voice and it’s impossible to be anything but happy when you’re smiling.

As part of a challenge I have been doing recently, one of the challenges was about smiling. The first thing was to find photos of ourselves smiling and then to consider how our smile looks.

Then we were told to look at our smiles in a mirror … It’s interesting how when you think you’re smiling what is actually showing up on your face doesn’t convey the same warmth and happiness that you’re feeling inside.

We were then challenged to practice our smiles more and do it in front of a mirror so that you can see what other people see when you smile. So, whilst it may seem an over exaggerated smile to us, it’s actually a lovely smile for those seeing it.

Whether you’re the buyer or the seller, it doesn’t matter; smiling will make a big difference.

If you’re the buyer and you’re smiling, and happy the seller will feel that and intuitively know that they’re going to have a good interaction with you and potentially an easy sale. If you’re the seller, greeting customers or clients with a smile puts them at ease, they will warm to you as a person, and again the conversation will flow easily.

Which brings me back to the smiling and revenue.

People like to do business with happy people.

Yes, as Simon Sinek has so famously said, people buy because of why you do what you do, not because of what you do. But, whilst I believe that is true, I believe that smiling and being happy has a great deal to do with business transactions that allow both the buyer and the seller to be happy with the transaction.

More smiling means happier salespeople. More smiling by customers means they’re happier with the transaction and more likely to buy. And we all know that the more people buy, the more revenue you will make, and the more profits too. That is, assuming of course, that you have your pricing right and that you’re making a good profit margin on each sale.

With Christmas around the corner, it’s easy for most people to be smiling and in good cheer, but for others this is a difficult time. A smile can light up someone’s day even if they’re struggling.

But whatever the time of the year, remember to smile before you answer the phone, smile when you greet a potential customer or client and if you’re the buyer, smile at the sales assistants, even if you’re not buying on that day.

My bet is though, that the more you smile when you’re interacting with people, the more business you’ll do and the more sales revenue you’ll create.

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