Six Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start Blogging for Business


Six Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start Blogging for Business

A big part of my normal working day is writing for business.

I could be physically writing like I am now, or speaking to a group about writing. Or I could be reading someone else’s blog, or podcast transcript or social media post. So, I guess it’s no surprise that one of the first things I do when I land on a new website, is to go looking for their blog.

Some businesses do a fantastic job of creating an engaging, informative space. The posts are consistent and full of valuable content. Unfortunately, though, the vast majority of sites I visit, are getting it very wrong.

Back to basics.

Like most things in business, blogging and creating content for your website needs a solid plan, and without it, you can lose traction very, very easily. And while that can be a complicated task in itself, I’m taking you right back to basics. Back to where I start whenever I’m formulating a new blog plan for a new or existing business.

These are my six big questions to ask yourself before you start blogging for business:

1. Do you need a blog section right now?

This is the first question you should be asking yourself. Yes, in my opinion, all businesses should be creating content of some kind as a means to connect with their clients. But if you are not getting the basics right, you could be doing more harm than good.

So, take a look at your website. If the blog is empty, if it’s messy, if the postings are inconsistent or the message is vague, then consider temporarily removing it from public view until you have answered the following questions.

2. How will you maintain consistency?

If you want your content to really work for you, then people need to know what to expect from you, and you do this by making sure that you are consistent.

That means picking a timeframe, for example, weekly and making sure that you have fresh content going live at the same time each week.

3. Who are you writing too?

If you want to really connect with your target audience or your clients, you need to understand who they are. There’s no point writing an incredible blog post on a topic that is of absolutely no interest to those you want to read it.

So, think about your client’s pain points, their wants and needs, and how you can fill the gaps. Then build an ideal reader profile and write to that person.

4. Are you telling a story?

Let’s face it, textbooks are boring, and there is nothing worse than being told what to do. So, make sure your blog is telling a story. Stories are less threatening and most importantly relatable. They are something that is going to have your readers saying, “Me too!”

5. Are your posts visually drawing people in?

It doesn’t matter how good your story is if people are not clicking on your link and that comes down to two things:

  • Your title – Is it engaging, does it aim to solve a problem?
  • Your images – Are you using clean, crisp images dedicated to telling the story of your article?

6. How are people seeing your content?

Finally, how are people going to know to come to your site and read your blog? While post consistency helps greatly with people returning to your site, you need to push your blogs out into the world. Consider things like newsletters, social media sharing and even turning your blog into a podcast as a way to get your message out there.

So, before you start creating content, or even if you have already begun sharing stories, take a step back and consider my six questions to ask yourself before you start blogging for business, to ensure you’re putting your best work forward.

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