The Single Biggest Marketing Mistake Speakers Make


The Single Biggest Marketing Mistake Speakers Make

Have you ever read an online ad that was so darn good, your mouth watered?

And it wasn’t even an ad for food! You know the ones. They drill into your deepest, darkest, pain point, then really dig in deeper. Until the point, when you are screaming in your head, “Ok, I need this, and I need it now!” You are in such a flutter; you want the magic bullet. Yet there are also a lot of ads online that blend in, only to be forgotten as the next ad appears to steal your attention away.

The question for you is, which one is yours?

Your online marketing as a business owner and public speaker is either bringing in the leads, and the right leads for you, or it is blending in with the internet ‘noise’. Let’s explore how as public speakers we can achieve the best result.

In March 2018, I spent a day at the Gold Coast with a multi-millionaire mentor of mine, Steven. It didn’t take me long with him to realise a couple of the key things he does:

  1. He thinks differently to everyone else. He gives people what they want; rather than what they need or what you think they should do. 
  2. He doesn’t waste time fluffing around with marketing; he gets to the point. He tests it to see what works, improves it and refines it until it really works. 

Too much marketing is fluffy; you don’t really get what the result is. When he markets his services, Steven goes for the quickest result, in the easiest way for the greatest possible benefit. This is exactly what public speakers need to do; if we want to achieve the maximum result. We need to have crystal clear clarity in our message.

Allow me to explain this idea using public speaking training as an example.

People want excitement, sex appeal, fun and the absolute quickest path to achieving their goal, with the minimum effort. They want you to take them on a fun, wild ride! What they are thinking about is achieving the most money they can with free time on their hands to live the amazing lifestyle they deep down really desire. Most people don’t want the reality; they want the fantasy. Yet, most people won’t do what is needed to turn that fantasy into their reality! 

Most people who want to become public speakers are also not thinking about the fact that as a public speaker or professional speaker you should warm up your voice, prepare yourself and master your body language because it sounds difficult, boring and time-consuming but doing this helps with your achieving of a fun and sexy presentation. The ones who will make it, are likely to be the ones who want the fantasy (because we do need to dream big!) but are willing to do some hard yards as part of the reality.

How can you find the fun and sexy stuff in your topic?

Brainstorm 100 ideas now. What do people want, what end result? Push yourself to come up with 100 ideas. It could take you a while especially if you haven’t been exercising your brainstorming muscle. Then select the top five and work with these. Trial these and see what works. 

Most public speakers won’t do even this. Yet this is what will set you apart because in the list there will be gold nuggets that could resonate with your audience that you would not have thought of without having applied this creativity.

So, what is the absolutely biggest result you can give someone now in the quickest time that sounds exciting, enthralling and fun? Write your list. Create that fabulous ad for your audience.

Let me know how you go. You can trial it on me, see if I say “Yes!”.

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  • Nicole Bathurst

    Thanks Anna that was an excellent exercise and you were right I got some gold nuggets.

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