The Simple Steps to Create Your Dream Life – Through Public Speaking


The Simple Steps to Create Your Dream Life – Through Public Speaking

Imagine spending an entire day with a multi-millionaire business owner that you admire

Can you think of the questions you would ask, the insights you’d like to gain? I had this very unique experience in March 2018 at the Gold Coast when I spent the day with an amazing business mentor of mine, Steven.

The key thing I realised speaking one on one with Steven was just how differently he thinks. This was super inspiring. He reminded me of the importance of clarity. When you spend time with someone who has clarity, it is refreshing. When you yourself allocate the time in your life and business to gaining clarity, it’s even better. Part of this involves eliminating what you don’t want, to focus on what you do want.

The same goes in your public speaking. The good news is that by following some fundamental principles learnt from Steven as well as my other millionaire mentors; you can create your dream life and public speaking.

Here are my 3 simple steps to building your million-dollar lifestyle, business through public speaking:

Step 1 – Decide what you want.

Start with a big idea, then chunk it down to be specific. Create in specific detail exactly what you want; the lifestyle, the speaking gigs, the daily routine. Be able to clearly see and describe this.

Write down exactly what it is that you want. Put the words on paper. Create an empowering statement that outlines exactly what you want. Note, this should be written in terms of it already has happened. For example, “It is now the 1st December 2018, and I am …”

Read your statement out loud. You’ll need to read it at least six times for your brain to register it. Then read it each day. Deliver it passionately, with purpose and energy each time. Until you ‘feel’ it.

Then go for it. Become the statement; make it happen. Allow your life to be transformed. When your mind is tuned into the ‘what’ you want, the ‘how’ will magically appear.

Step 2 – Prove it!

Prove your product, program or service. Start with a low price, sell it, prove it works, and you can have killer results. Trial, improve, fail, improve, refine, improve; the entrepreneur’s path.

I was reminded of the importance of this recently when I released a new program. A friend of mine contacted me to say she didn’t agree with it. I realised my marketing had been taken too far. I changed it. Feedback is a blessing. Prove it can help people; then sell.

Step 3 – Automate and scale.

Have you tapped into the technology that exists to automate your program or product? It’s really powerful to be able to do this and to know that you can set it up once and then repeat over and over.

If you have done Step 2 well, this becomes the no-brainer to leveraging your expertise and your knowledge. It’s basically the way for you to deliver your genius to the world!

The scale part of this step is that once you know, you are really helping so many people, you can use the technology to take it to more people, all at once. This is when the idea can spread like wildfire. A key example is a number one New York Times Bestseller book, such as Mark Anastasi’s book, The Laptop Millionaire. More effort is put into the pre-sales and planning than anything. Then the book will appear everywhere in bookstores at airports around the world. The leverage that this creates results in so many more people being helped!

It’s so amazing to think that millionaires have become millionaires simply by taking an empowering decision to want a particular life. And then going for it! Many people dream of ‘winning the lottery’. What if your own personal lottery win is staring you in the face … And you just can’t see it yet?

You are talented. You are unique. You are brilliant! 

When you help others to get what they want, you can create your own life on your terms. Once you realise this, then take a closer look. Only it’s not ‘out there’; it starts ‘inside you’.

What are you waiting for? … Your fortune and your dream life await!

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