A Simple Idea to Keep You Building Better Relationships With Your Clients


A Simple Idea to Keep You Building Better Relationships With Your Clients

Which means more profits for you.

What would you do if you were told that the better relationships you had with your customers and clients, the more referrals you would get and the more profits your business would get? For most people, they would say, “Tell me how and I’ll do it now.” However, when we say it involves you becoming more intimate with your customers and clients on social media, many business owners shiver and are either not sure how to do it or want to stay private.

Whether we like it or not social media is here to stay, and it is the most engaging way ever that businesses have to build relationships, share information and become trusted. I’m not here to talk about the different platforms, what you should be on, shouldn’t be on etc., that is for another time.

I want to concentrate on the bigger picture, the top vision, that you can then chunk down to the little ideas and actions.

People today (your clients and customers), want to be connected to things bigger than themselves. They want to understand more about the personal world of their mentors, advisers and shop owners and it is up to us to let them in. That doesn’t mean sharing every little detail and having no private life what’s so ever, but it means doing more than just sharing content about your subject matter.

Let’s look at Richard Branson as an example. For most people, they know he is the founder of the Virgin Empire, his name is a brand just as much as Virgin is and that is the same for everyone’s business. People today want to connect with the people behind the brands, the entrepreneurs, the visionary and not just the business brand.

It was enough two or three years ago to just be putting out content and nothing else, whereas today, the content only posts might get 10% engagement where a person post gets 75-90% engagement. With that in mind, how are you utilising social media to enhance the relationships with your clients, to let them into your world and have them becoming closer to you than ever before?

For us this is what we do:

Firstly, we make ourselves available on all the major platforms, we understand that it is not up to us to choose where we build relationships with people, we need to be seen on them all. That means we are on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter. If your business or brand is suited to Instagram or Pinterest, then great, get on them too.

Next, we want to connect with all of our clients and customers on at least one of those platforms so that we can enhance our relationships and stay front of mind every day.

Next, we put a strategy around the type of posts we want to do and what gets the best engagement. We know that there needs to be a good mixture of valuable content that educates and gives some good information with personal posts of holidays, activities and family events and we throw in there a video or live streams so that our relationships can be seen, heard and felt.

Finally, the most important ingredient is that we want to interact with our customers and clients. We like, share, comment on their posts, we engage with them through messages, and we have ‘fun’ with them whenever we can.

This one simple strategy will have your clients sharing you into new networks, promoting different things that your business has on and becoming walking billboards for you, which will lead to new business and referrals.

This is not just luck; there is a plan and a system required to ensure that you and your business have ‘great’ relationships with your customers and clients.

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