What Is a Signature System and How Could It Help Your Business?


What Is a Signature System and How Could It Help Your Business?

What on earth is a signature system?

If you have a service-based business, then this could very well be life changing! In this article, I’m sharing with you:

  • What a signature system is.
  • What it includes.
  • Why it’s not limited to just 4 key models.
  • And an awesome list of things you can do with your signature system.

What is a signature system?

A signature system is a methodology that is unique to you, that demonstrates how you deliver proven results for your clients, time and time again. It takes the years of experience, knowledge and skills out of your head and distils it into a simple and clear suite of visual models that you can use as the foundation for most of your business.

What’s actually in a signature system?

There are 4 key types of visual models required to make up the signature system. They are shown in the model below:

The four models above form the basis of a well-constructed signature system. Here’s an example of each of the 4 models:

Can I have more than 4 models?

Some clients end up with more than 4 models. Why is that? The educate model is a simplified version of all the stages/steps/elements you take your clients through. As such, it really is the beating heart of your signature system.

Each segment of an educate model might benefit from having a submodel that explains how a particular step is done, for example:

This is my educate model for how to turn what’s in your head into a product. But there’s a lot to cover. Most of these have submodels to show people how to do each step. Inside Stage 6, you might show people the steps to assembling all the bits and pieces, for example:

What else can a signature system do?

Is it just about educating clients? No. There are many more applications, and while I don’t have time here to go into each and every one, here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Share with your potential clients your yes model to get them pumped about working with you.
  • Use your system as the basis for all your online content.
  • At networking events having a signature system can help clarify what you do.
  • Use your models in press releases to whet the appetite of the media.
  • Create a course using your signature system as the basis.
  • Write your book based on your signature system.
  • Pop one of your models in your email signature.
  • Use your signature system in a sales brochure.
  • Add them to your business plan.
  • Use them on your website.
  • Make banners or signs with your models to use at conferences and trade events.
  • Use in top tip posts for social media.
  • Use as decals for your car (if you’re feeling flashy).
  • Get your staff up to speed quickly and efficiently with your signature system.
  • Once you’ve got a signature system, you can more easily franchise your business.

And much more! I hope that gives you a little more idea of what a signature system is and why your business will benefit immensely from having one.

Which of the potential uses surprised you most? Let me know in the comments below.

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