Should You Rethink Your Relationship With Influential Shopper Mums?


Should You Rethink Your Relationship With Influential Shopper Mums?

I’m often asked what inspired me to work in the Mum industry.

For me, it’s quite simple. Despite being responsible for $132 billion in spending in this country every year, mums today feel misrepresented, misunderstood and undervalued.

Not only do mums buy for multiple generations, but they are also key influencers in the buying decisions of their extended family and other mums in their network. They represent the largest, most influential shopper in Australia.

What is your relationship with influential shopper mums?

I passionately believe there is a new way to communicate with mothers which will greatly benefit brands and businesses financially also.

My interest in mums as shoppers and consumers is not something new. I studied mothers as consumers for years in my Marketing degree and again in attaining my MBA. I also learned a lot during my 18 years of sales and marketing experience.

I was fortunate to work with many market-leading brands across diverse channels including grocery, hardware and online. This experience provided me with the opportunity to see what worked and want didn’t when it comes to attracting mothers to your brand.

However, it was after giving birth to my first child in 2003 when I really got to understand mothers. Nothing could have prepared me for the new identity brands and society bestowed upon me.

I was spoken to in a one-dimensional manner in my role as a mother, and all my other interests and expertise seemed overlooked.

I am able to really empathise with mothers who tell me that they want to be treated as women first, mothers second.

I can completely understand when they say that motherhood is important to them, but it’s not all of them, and they want to be respected for the multi-dimensional women that they are. It led to a much deeper appreciation and understanding of the role of mothers in our society.

Seven years ago, now with three children in tow, I decided to really step up my learnings around mothers, and I launched an online shopping website for mums. It was whilst growing this business to a community of more than 150,000 mums where I really got to study mums’ buying behaviours.

I noticed just how dissatisfied mums were with the communications they were receiving from brands and, at the same time, I observed that many brands and businesses struggled to get mums to convert to a sale.

There was a disconnect, a clear gap in the market.

I recognised that my skill set was in understanding mothers as a powerful market segment and in creating strategies which really attracted, engaged and ultimately converted them to buy particular products and services.

So, three years ago I sold my online shopping website, and I launched Marketing to Mums, Australia’s only marketing and research consultancy dedicated to helping business owners and brand marketers succeed. Here I provide strategic, educational and research support to brands.

Typically, my initial engagement involves empowering senior management and marketing teams with the knowledge to deeply understand the different sub-segments of the mum market. Being a data-driven marketer, I am able to share my market research into more than 1800 Australian Mums.

As I travel each year to the US, I am also able to provide comparisons and share their research with my clients. I am fortunate enough to work across a variety of industries from Optometry, to pool chemicals, to infant products and everything in between. The principles remain universal.

One thing is incredibly clear to me:

Mums will reward those businesses and brands who invest the time to deeply understand them. They will not only reward you with their business, but they will reward you with their ongoing loyalty and refer others to your business.

Is 2019 the year you rethink your communications with Australia’s largest, most influential shopper?

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