The Muddled Message of an #eclecticdabbler


The Muddled Message of an #eclecticdabbler

I’m always struggling to work out a way to make a contribution to my community, help others grow their business and not just regurgitate basics.

As part of the ever growing and very popular with Small to Medium Enterprises, Smallville group and other groups I belong to we are constantly encouraged to like and share other’s posts to help each other grow.

I try so hard to do that, but with somewhere upwards of 100 regular columnists to Smallville not to mention the other groups, it’s tough to find the time to read and review them all. I had to find a way to identify those relevant to my market so I could ensure I wasn’t missing out on sharing something of true value to my followers.

So, this morning, in the shower (where all good ideas are born), I had an inspiration. I have come up with an idea to ask group members to tag me on their post, if it relates to any of my interests of indigenous cultural tourism, over 50’s, building community and retail.

My plan is to then make a point of reading and, if I agree that it’s relevant to my followers, I’ll share with a positive and honest review (to encourage more reads).

I’m no great guru, but I’m on a couple of local committees, have lived in many places in my 30-year career and do have a strong following all across the country. Many of my shared posts are reasonably well read.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who worries, stresses, frets about the notion of genuinely wanting to continue to learn, contribute to their community and help others on their journey. I’m not the only one who wants to work out a way of doing it in a timely fashion, without diluting my own message.

I’m a self-confessed #eclecticdabbler, so it’s harder for me, and many others like me, who have a genuine interest in lots of things. How do I harness my mind to focus? To hone in on a specialty? To stop living in the clouds and thinking I can do it all?

Well at 62 years of age I’ve decided to just be me … Keep living my life and dabbling to my heart’s content and trust that all the love, money, sense of self-fulfilment I want and need will come my way regardless of my seeming lack of focus in this area of sharing content. And that’s why, as one of my followers you will notice I share content across a broad range of topics – not only Small Business.

What about you? You are probably not quite at this stage of your life and therefore still more willing to continue to strive for the big vision (and so you should) … But are you a bit of a softie for the underdog? Do you go out of your way to try to help others, potentially at the expense of your own health or business health? Are you spending time sharing ideas to your detriment?

How can you continue to contribute in this way, and still achieve your own goals?

There’s always going to be exceptions to any rules. Personal relationships aside, whether it’s ‘real life’ or ‘online’ events, I recommend you find the common link, the common thread where you can tie the articles you are sharing together and bring them to the centre of your world and the world of your followers.

This will also help to share more of who you are and what you stand for with your followers.

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