Self-Care for You and Your Business


Self-Care for You and Your Business

Ditch the overwhelm, ditch the negatives, ditch the limiting beliefs.

You only wish it was that easy, right? It’s not about being selfish; it’s about prioritising your wellbeing then you can start the ditching.

Self-care is a trendy subject, but it is more than having a bubble bath, a massage or turmeric latte; it is about being self-aware. To recognise your needs which may be very different from the next person.

Some self-care is non-negotiable for your personal wellbeing and especially for your mental health which translates into business health.

5 self-care non-negotiables:

1. Sleep.

Sleep is such a vital component. Your body is in recovery mode whilst you sleep. I’m not just referring to recovery from exercise but recovery from a busy day. Whatever your day has been, including just sitting at your desk, you need to rest allowing your body to recover and repair.  This means a good night’s sleep, and as humans, we need this.

2. Drink plenty of water.

Water is the second most important element to your being healthy — not just a few sips now and then but enough water that you stay fully hydrated. Water is the largest single component of your body – your brain is 76% water, your lungs 90%, blood 84% and blood plasma 98%. Much of your body’s critical processes cannot happen without water.

Note: If you are feeling thirsty then your cells are already dehydrating, so drink up.

3. Fresh air.

You know without oxygen human life is not possible, our breathing is unconscious. However, how often do you consciously stop and focus on your breathing and better still, breathe outdoors in the fresh air? Take deep breaths in down through your diaphragm, doing this a few times throughout your day.

You will be surprised how great you feel, in fact, why not schedule this into your daily diary until it becomes a habit?

4. Sunshine.

Early morning when you are contemplating your day why not go outdoors and start your daily dose of Vitamin D? Feel the warmth of the sun on your body whatever season it is and be grateful you are able to do this.

5. Exercise.

Add movement into your day. You do not need to dedicate a fair chunk of time to exercise every day to gain any benefits; latest recommendation (as a minimum) is to undertake 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week.

Breaking this down, that’s thirty minutes exercise five times per week. This could be three separate sessions of 10 minutes during the day. Walking to the bus stop or the dog around the block, taking a walk at lunch-time. Yes, how many of you don’t even take a lunch break?

 5 self-care tips to be a better you:

1. Choose a hobby.

A friend of mine has taken up pottery classes one night per week. Making a new group of friends, learnt a new skill, which includes some great gifts for family and friends, plus a new way to relax her mind.

2. Scheduling.

Include important ‘you time’ into your diary. Such as a lunch break, even a quick stretch break. How many of you do not take a break but eat at the desk and continue working? Diarise your workouts, and I suggest even diarise those friends catch-ups. Try colour coding your diary for ‘you time’.

If it’s in the diary and highlighted, then it is more likely to happen.

3. Meditate.

This does not have to be sitting cross-legged ‘Ommmm’ (unless that’s what you do). Meditation for some is running, bushwalking, colouring in, painting, gardening or simply sitting quietly enjoying the view. So many get hung up on the fact that they can’t meditate or don’t have the time.

When you discover what is meditative to you, schedule it into your week at least once.

4. Stop social media.

“What!” I hear you say. I mean, take a break, not stop, sorry. Turn social media off one evening a week, and you’ll find your mind clears, and just maybe your eyes will feel rested also.

5. Homemade facial.

And yes, facials are good for blokes also. Ask Dr Google, and you will find a great facial recipe that appeals to you. Or would like to try something rather different? Email me for a copy of my DIY facial which has only three ingredients and feels fabulous.

5 business self-care tips:

1. Podcasts.

Learn as you go about your day. You are spoilt for choice with the number of quality business podcasts now available. Ask around for recommendations from your colleagues then plug in. On public transport, when driving or walking, the podcasts can be taken anywhere and everywhere.

2. De-clutter.

How clear is your office, room and desk? Clutter adds to stress and confusion in your mind. Tidy up, get rid of what you don’t need then file everything else away. You will be surprised how this simple activity can be so therapeutic.

3. Jigsaw.

Set an empty desk set aside in your office for a jigsaw puzzle. Each time you walk past, stop and complete a piece. Encourage everyone in your office to also. Doing jigsaw puzzles exercises both sides of your brain and has been linked to fighting off dementia and increasing longevity.

4. Take regular breaks.

How long is it since you’ve had a holiday? A proper holiday not just a long weekend or one week which isn’t really enough time to wind down. At the start of every year plan out your breaks then plan out your business calendar to ensure they align.

Downtime to relax your body and mind ensures you are fresh and alert. No breaks and your body will eventually make you have a break, through you becoming ill.

5. Say “No.”

Be mindful of those extra things you take on because you feel compelled to or you don’t want to let someone down. When you take on too much, you are letting yourself down. Stop and think and ask yourself the question, “Does this serve me and my business at this time or should I gracefully say no?”

Make 2019 the year to ditch the overwhelm, negativity and limiting beliefs. Make self-care happen for you.

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