How Self Awareness Can Help You Build an Incredible Business


How Self Awareness Can Help You Build an Incredible Business

As we head towards the end of the year, it’s always a great time to reflect and look at what worked and what needs to be changed and improved in your business.

This is something I teach my clients to do at the end of each month too and is a great way to excel in your results and achieve your goals. It doesn’t take great effort to have awareness around what’s working and what’s not working in different aspects of your business. It kind of stands out if a particular marketing strategy didn’t work, your current sales procedure needs an update, or a certain product didn’t sell that well.

What’s more challenging to have awareness around is how you personally have affected your results and measuring that. So, what do I mean by that? Well, the way you show up each day, in each project you work on, with each conversation you have or each meeting you have can affect your results dramatically. The way you show up can either have you moving easily towards your goals or away from them, depending on how you show up.

Its so important when we reflect on changes that need to be made, that we look very closely at ourselves and gain awareness of how we have affected our outcome.

Over the last few weeks I have been working on a big project, and up until this week, I had been finding it quite challenging to build. I wasn’t able to set up meetings, and people were busy and slow in answering emails. It all felt heavy and filled with pressure. I am very lucky to have some wonderful friends who are coaches themselves, and after a conversation with one of my very dear friends, I was able to gain awareness to help me change my results.

You see what I realised was that I was pushing too hard. My energy was feeling frantic. I was very tired because like most people at this time of the year I was trying to complete everything before the end of the year and this was causing me to move away from the project I wanted to build.

When I gained this awareness, I put the breaks on. I changed my project deadline and had some much-needed rest. My energy started to rise. I started to receive responses to my emails and managed to set up some meetings quite easily. I can now see I will meet my deadline and it will be amazing.

Now, this may sound a little far-fetched or it may not, depending on your belief system. But, the point I am making here is that everything begins with you, and the only thing you have complete control and influence over is you. When you have that awareness of yourself you can make the changes you need to make to get the outcome you want.

Some of the things you need to be aware of are:

Your energy levels.

If you notice your energy is low, then have some much-needed rest or do something that energises you. And, if a project feels heavy or filled with pressure then make changes to help it feel lighter.

Your focus.

If you are feeling low or feel like things aren’t going right, then change your focus to what is working and what you can learn from the challenges to make the necessary changes.

Your attitude.

If you have a habit of being pessimistic, then look for the good in things and be thankful for what you have and what you have achieved.

Your communication.

If you don’t get the responses you want then change the words you are using, your body language and your tone of voice until you do, even when writing an email – yes it works!

Your self-talk.

If you are taking things personally or giving yourself a hard time, then change your self-talk and give yourself some great sandwich feedback. Treat yourself like you would a good friend.

There is so much more I could give you, but I don’t want to get too woo-woo here, contact me if you want to know more.

This takes practise, and the more you practise, the more awareness you will gain, and this will give you more influence over all aspects of your life including your business. Make a commitment to make 2018 the year you grow in awareness.

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