My Secrets to Sanity in Small Business


My Secrets to Sanity in Small Business

It feels like I only just wrote an article about staying sane in the school holidays, and just a few short weeks later, here we are again!

I’m three days into mid-year school holidays. So, it’s a little ironic, that this week I’m tackling Smallville’s theme of the month and writing about how I stay sane in my Small Business. Or maybe it’s fitting because if it weren’t the school holidays, it would likely be something else. Let’s face it, being in Small Business, at times is really, really hard. There always seems to be something that needs your immediate attention, a fire that needs to be hosed. Some days you can feel like your mind has well and truly left the building.

But believe it or not, there are ways to lock it down and minimise those moments of insanity; these are my ways:

Yep, I know it sounds cringy but find your tribe.

Finding your tribe is one of those phrases (and words) that I find completely overdone. But at the same time, it’s really one of the only ways I can describe what I’m actually getting at. This week I’m going to a luncheon for our local women in business group, and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to it. Being school holidays, I came very close to sitting this one out, but something pushed me to buy the ticket.

Being in Small Business can be a lonely place, especially if you work alone or don’t have a support system in place. One of the best ways to stay connected and therefore, sane, is to surround yourself with a big group of like-minded individuals. Other people, who get what you’re going through who are all on the same path; a tribe.

Intentions; set at least one, every single day.

Some people call them goals or missions, but I like to set ‘intentions’, and I like to do it daily. Rather than try and tackle my overall to-do list, which depending on the week can be scarily long, I pull it apart.

I pick two or three doable, preferably completable tasks to focus all my energy on that day and get them done! I end the day feeling great like I’ve actually achieved something … Because I have! And I’m moving forward.

Allowing things to happen, good and bad.

Along with setting intentions, comes allowing. Things don’t always go to plan. In fact, I’d say in Small Business, things going exactly to plan is rare. And the thing that has the most power to stop you moving forward is you.

Allowing something to happen, good or bad, means not fighting it. And by not fighting it, you are keeping a balanced headspace that is more capable of making good decisions and moving forward.

Chuck tantrums if you like.

I’ve just told you to allow, so it might seem counter-intuitive to now say, “Chuck tantrums!” I’m not ashamed to admit it; I am a bit of a tantrum chucker. I’m passionate; I work and play hard, and sometimes the pressure needs to be released.

So I say have them. Have as many as you like. Stomp. Scream. Throw something at the wall. I make sure I remain aware of where I am though, and who I’m with; alone in my office usually! Always making sure that the behaviour I’m displaying is reasonable and representative of the business image I want to portray. Then back to allowing, setting intentions and moving forward.

Some days it might seem like you’ve lost all your marbles and gone completely insane. But you can get through it. And more than that, you may be able to stop feeling that way altogether. Because trust me, there are ways to stay sane in Small Businesses. I’ve just told you my secrets, so now let’s find yours!


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