Do You Really Think That Your Newsletter Is Working for You?


Do You Really Think That Your Newsletter Is Working for You?

Speak to most marketing consultants and they’ll tell you that you absolutely need to have a branded newsletter that you send out at least once a month.

It is how you should be keeping front of mind of your database,” they will say and it is how you will get people on your database to buy from you.

Well sorry to say that they are wrong and the diminishing open rates should be telling you exactly the same thing.

People buy from those they ‘know’, ‘like’ and ‘trust’, so how is sending a newsletter, one in which most people will delete, without even reading it, helping you to build likability, trust or generate you more sales?

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe sending things out to your community is important but it is how you do it, that most businesses don’t understand.

Staying front of mind of your network and building trust with your community should certainly be top of your marketing activities. Adding value, providing know how and being a great resource is important and when you do that in the right way, you will generate more sales than from a boring newsletter.

Business has never really moved away from relationships and relationship marketing. Sure we have had internet fads, social media fads, widgets and gadgets that make life easier, but it will always be about people.

So do you have a “Personal Engagement Plan” for your network?

A personal engagement plan means that you are touching base in some way with everyone in your network every 90 days. It might be a personal email, personal social media message, a card, a phone call, an invite to something you are attending. The bottom line is you are touching base to see how they are going, what they are up to and to be front of mind once more.

The fact is you are forgotten every 45 days and the less people that remember you and what you do, the less opportunities they will create for you.

So being front of mind is one of the most important things you should be doing in business.

Here is a good little example of what your personal engagement plan might look like:

  1. Every day you send 10 ‘How Are You Emails’ to your network
  2. Every day you send 10 ‘How Are You Social Media Messages’ to your network
  3. Every day you make 2 ‘ How Are You Phones Calls’ to you network

That means in just 30 minutes a day you have touched base with 22 people. That is 100+ people for the week and over 400 people you have touched base with in your network for that month.

Just imagine if you were front of mind of 400+ people each month. How many new opportunities would you create? How many referrals would you get? How much new business could be created?

Don’t get me wrong, that takes more work than sending out your newsletter every 30 days, but I’m sure you would have to agree the amount of new business you would generate doing a personal engagement plan rather than a newsletter is HUGE.

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  • Georgia Thomas

    Great article Michael. Very practical.

  • Lee McCaffrey

    What a great article Michael! We’ve been debating the idea of a monthly newsletter but I really like the idea of investing that time into personal engagement. Thank you!

  • Cate Scolnik

    Hi Michael,

    Hmmm. Food for thought! I agree that you need a personal engagement plan, but I think a newsletter can be part of that – it’s all in how it’s written! I’ve certainly written regular newsletters that elicit a lot of engagement from my audience. Having said that, I think your approach is a fabulous way to boost that engagement on a more personal level. 🙂

  • Tamara Simon

    Thanks Michael for the simple practical steps to develop a personal engagement plan over a newsletter – very timely for me as I’m that thought space now so you’ve helped my decision.

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