Reach in, Reach Out and Receive


Reach in, Reach Out and Receive

In both our personal life and work life we can gain from paying it forward. As we share ourselves openly we can receive many benefits.

When we pay it forward we can share a variety of things such as our skills, our time, our passions, or even some of our finances. This can help us build our businesses as well as ourselves on a personal level.

Build Your Social Currency.

In relation to business, we can focus on three areas for paying it forward employees, community and business.

Community Consciousness. 

The first area for paying it forward is the community. When we decide to give back to the community we build our brand or personality.

As we give of ourselves to the community we start to re-frame the stories around us. This can build new impressions of you and your business. The thing to be careful of is to not do this as lip service to the community.

It needs to be an authentic engagement with a purpose that serves those you are engaging.

This can lead to more possible sales and word of mouth and spread the reach of your business as people start to recognise that you are showing social and or community concern.

Professional Networks.

The second area for paying it forward is through your professional networks.

Similar to community engagement when you give of yourself openly within your business connections or professional networks this needs to be done with thought and consideration.

As we share of ourselves and or our resources with these networks we also build social currency.

Again this can lead to excellent word of mouth. On top of this, we can also extend our reach and influence as we have the potential to strengthen our networks when we pay it forward. This could open up partnerships and opportunities that you may not be able to achieve on your own.

Employee Engagement.

The last area of focus that I suggest for paying it forward is with your employees.

Like the previous two areas we also have to make sure that we are not insulting our employees by paying it forward meaningless. Make sure that what you share is of a real benefit for them.

When we pay it forward in this area we can gain some positive outcomes such as generating loyalty, having good staff retention and getting a reputation as a good employer.

Gratitude and Feedback Loop.

To wrap it up I would suggest that when we pay it forward with the right mindset we can gain many benefits. We create a feedback loop based on gratitude when we do these things freely and openly.

As we share our skills, time, and or resources we can build the worth of and value of our communities, professional networks and employees. As a result of paying it forward, you can generate a social currency that strengthens your business both internally and externally.

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