Are You Putting Your Heart Into It?


Are You Putting Your Heart Into It?

Writing articles is a wonderful way of building a relationship with clients and people interested in what you have to offer.

Putting a lot of information on a page may leave someone informed but have you given the best of you? Have you truly engaged and connected with your reader?

The articles I write through heart writing are the ones that get the most positive comments and are read more widely. Why? I reckon because it is obvious that I am authentic and willing to share myself with my readers; therefore, I connect on a deeper level.

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This type of connection is important as it is like a tattoo imprinting into your reader’s heart and mind. They will be willing to invest in what you have to offer if they feel a connection. They will remember how you made them feel and therefore they may seek other articles that you have written which may lead them to books, workshops and services that you may have on offer. This is the highest form of engagement when building your profile. People will want to remember you and talk about you to their friends and groups.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou.

I have watched many people build their profiles through heart writing. Our local Constance Hall is one person who comes to mind. It is a positive if you are resilient and only focus on what your intention may be. It is important to be mindful that you are not going to please everyone.

When you engage the right person/audience, then your platform will expand, before you know it you will have a wider audience than ever before. It is your job to ensure that you are ready for that to happen. When sudden growth takes place, it can be really overwhelming if you are not prepared for it, so always think big. (I will chat about that in another article)

The power of the written word is one of my core beliefs. I am truly passionate about it, and when I write I open my heart, the words just flow out. My first ever novel was written directly through this channel, and it still conjures up all kinds of emotions in people. The connections I am most proud of are the ones where people have connected because through my words they found comfort in their time of grief, others have found hope and others heard words of wisdom. All readers vary.

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For a number of years, I wrote for a website called Building Beautiful Bonds. It was at a time when I was experiencing huge personal growth. My articles were read over 56 000 times, so I knew that I was engaging with people. We did not promote the site or articles at all, so this was a triumph.

It is now deemed a strength to share your challenges. It gives your profile more depth. There is no need to hide behind a screen. Stepping out and sharing your ‘why’ is a very powerful way to attract people to your business. I regularly share my experiences and people who take the time to connect with me discover that I am a very passionate driven person who has a heart-centred passion for everything she endeavours.

So, the next time you are writing an article or sharing your business story, consider putting some heart into it. It could end up being one of your best investments.

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