The Power of Using a Mirror to Change Those Ups and Downs in Business


The Power of Using a Mirror to Change Those Ups and Downs in Business

Have you ever wondered why you get the ups and downs of business?

You know the times when things are going really well and then suddenly the tide seems to turn and you’re wondering when you’ll get your next call? Well I am going to share a powerful reason for this and using this awareness will help you have some influence over where and when you want the tide to turn.

One of the benefits of being a mindset coach is that it makes it easier for me to see where I need to change to achieve my outcomes. There is also a downside to this, because to be able to feel congruent with my role, I must always walk my talk. And this means holding myself accountable to look at myself honestly, never hiding from the truth, making excuses or letting myself off. It’s a pretty tough gig at times I can tell you.

And look, I want to express here that this isn’t about being perfect, it’s just about having the awareness to be able to look at yourself honestly, knowing you can change things when you want to.

Okay, back to those ups and downs. Everything we see and experience in our business is a mirror; it’s a mirror of ourselves, what we think, believe and do. This can be anything from the efficient running of the business, the number of new sales we attract, relationships with suppliers and clients or business profitability, just to name a few. We only ever perceive externally what we are experiencing internally. I’ll let you ponder on that.

What this means is that when your business is on the up, clients are making the commitment to buy and the business is running efficiently, it’s because you yourself are on the up. You are running efficiently and you are very committed to your business or your outcome.

When it can work against you is when you yourself are on the down, maybe you’ve been busy for a while and your commitment levels to finding new business have dropped a little. Maybe you are no longer working as efficiently as you were because you’ve been so busy, so there are a few things that you’re not doing, instead of being on the ball.

I’ll give you an example to illustrate; I had an event approaching and I had a larger number of coaching clients than usual; I didn’t have as much time for anything else. So my commitment levels to the event at that time were fairly low. I was leaving prep to the last minute and probably not marketing it as well as I normally would. When I noticed the commitment levels for bookings were low I started to take notice, and was even more alerted when I noticed it affecting the amount of new calls I was receiving for coaching.

When I held the mirror up and looked more closely at myself, I could see that I hadn’t been making a high level commitment to the event and because of that it was affecting my business as a whole.

If you use this awareness consistently, by asking yourself conscious questions, it can change your results dramatically.

What results am I experiencing right now?

Notice the results you are experiencing and make note if they are low level results or if you want to improve them in some way. Those results can be anything, so lets say for example low commitment from prospective clients.

Where am I reflecting this?

Confront yourself and hold up the mirror. Ask yourself where you are reflecting this yourself. Looking at that same example again, where are you not fully committing? Maybe it’s your follow up calls or your marketing or even your own wellness, which affects your internal state and energy levels.

What, where or how do I need to change?

Notice what you need to change or which area you need to change in. Make a decision how you will make that change and when you will do it.

We kid ourselves that we have control over our external environment, when the truth is it’s an illusion. We only ever have complete control and influence over ourselves, and it is the change in us that influences our external environment. When we acknowledge that and work with it consciously, our results can change almost like magic.

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  • Flora

    Thank you Deb. Another fab article. Once I took self development seriously and daily, then I realised that we only have influence and control over ourselves.

  • Deb

    Absolutely true always 🙂 Thank you for making the time to comment beautiful Flora x

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