Persuade Your Customers Buying Decisions by Busting Through Their Fears


Persuade Your Customers Buying Decisions by Busting Through Their Fears

When a new client starts working with me I send them a questionnaire to fill in. One of the most important questions in the questionnaire is:  “What fears do your customers have in relation to your products or services?”

The reason it’s such an important question is because fears stop people from taking action, but, reassuring those fears has the opposite effect. When you reassure fears, you influence a person’s decision by being transparent, informative, instructive and enlightening.  The more information you provide a potential customer, the more power you give them to make an informed decision.

In this article I’m going to share five real-life, fear-busting examples:

Fear Busting Example # 1: Encouraging people to provide their phone number

The other day I was on a website where I needed to provide my phone number.  I don’t like sharing my phone number on random sites because I’m always worried I’ll get unwanted sales calls (there’s the fear!). Just as I was about to type a fake number into the field, I saw a message that read: “In case you forget your membership card, we’ll use your mobile number to look up your account so you can still earn points”.

With one simple explanation, this website effectively and quickly busted a common fear. Once I read the message, I left my phone number without hesitation.

Fear Busting Example # 2:  Encouraging people to sign up to a newsletter

A common fear-busting message relates to newsletter sign ups. The message typically reads: “We hate spam as much as you do. We won’t share your email address with anyone else”.

Fear Busting Example #3: Encouraging people to share articles

The below message and image is from a website called Upworthy. They provide reassurance that their articles are adequately fact-checked in case readers are nervous about sharing content that may be inaccurate. 


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Fear Busting Example #4:  Encouraging people to buy a product


This food company knows that some people will read the sugar content on the packaging, and not buy it. To counteract this, they’ve circled the sugar column and printed this fear-busting message: “Only naturally occurring sugars”.  Given the ingredients are made up purely of dried fruit and seeds, this message provides reassurance about the nutrition of the product.

Fear Busting Example #5: Encouraging people to hire your services

Offering a money back guarantee is a great way to alleviate the fear of risk. There are many ways to offer a guarantee, here’s how I word my fear-busting message:

Lion-clad 100% money back guarantee

“Money is hard-earned. When you work with me, I remove all risk by offering a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the quality of the copy I write for you, and no revisions meet your approval, I’ll cheerfully refund your deposit or full payment.”

We all have fears related to buying products and services. As business owners though, we need to recognise other people’s fears, and reassure them at every turn. Make a list of every fear your prospects have, and reassure those fears in all your marketing material, especially on your website.   The more you reassure, the more you inspire people to take action.  So take action and bust those fears!

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