People Purchase From Their Hearts, Not Their Heads


People Purchase From Their Hearts, Not Their Heads

As consumers’ behaviour is rapidly changing we’ve started to gain greater insights into purchasing behaviours.  When I started in business years ago, it was all about features and benefits, it was like we believed every customer had a checklist in their heads and we the sales/marketing people role was to ensure that every point in the customers check list was catered for by our product/service.

Essentially, we tried to second-guess what our customers wanted and we kept adding features and benefits to the checklist so we could cater for everyone.

But as we become more sophisticated in our understanding of how the brain works, we have started to realise that features and benefits checklists don’t really factor into a buyers decision-making.  Buyers are fickle and purchase what they want, not what they think they need.

As we continue to find ways to get into the minds of our buyers, what we do know is that emotive content works, and works extremely well.

What is emotive content?

At its simplest, emotive content is when you read or watch something and it and triggered an emotional response.  The emotion you feel could be happiness, sadness, amusement, interest, surprise, delight, pleasure, joy, hope, affection or excitement.  It is emotive content that makes us want to share.

From a business perspective, emotive content helps businesses forge connections with their customers without having to be in the room with them.  For example, one of my most loved brands is a company based in the US yet I have never purchased anything or ever walked into one of their retail outlets. So it begs the question, how could you love a brand you’ve never experienced?  It’s because they produce the most amazing, highly emotive videos that captured my heart, not my head.

Here is an example of their main promotional video, Back from the Start.  With nearly ten million views I am sure you’ll agree it is a very evocative video.

Video is one of the easiest, most effective ways to create emotive content

It’s because video triggers the senses and music helps to build the music.  As you will have experienced by watching the video above, it just wouldn’t have had the same impact if the same content were written in works.

The reason why emotive content works is because:

  1. It forges connection and builds trust between the buyer and the brand. (even when you not in the room)
  2. It forms ‘emotional memory’ that goes beyond need – creating ever lasting impact and increased brand recollection
  3. It provides the buyer with an experience, and that experience becomes attached to your brand.

But what I find most important is that the creation of emotive challenges brands to be more than bricks and mortar, products and services.  The creation of emotive content is really hard.  It forces brands to look beyond the materials aspects of product/service and into the hearts of your customers to find out what their hopes and dreams are.

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