Do You Often Wonder if There Is Any Benefit Using Linkedin as a Small Business Owner?


Do You Often Wonder if There Is Any Benefit Using Linkedin as a Small Business Owner?

When LinkedIn was introduced to the market in 2003, the initial clients that I worked with were using LinkedIn to advance their career.

Fast-forward 13 years to today, and even though LinkedIn still offers individual career opportunities, there are also significant benefits for business owners.  Working in conjunction with an overarching marketing strategy, such brand benefits LinkedIn provides include being found and positioned, and the ability to identify, connect and engage with an ideal audience.

William Arruda, the founder of Reach Personal Branding, says: “Most first impressions are formed online; we all understand the importance of first impressions. But just being visible is not enough. You need to use the right combination of social media to demonstrate what makes you great and remain on the radar of those who are making decisions about you.”

For business owners, LinkedIn offers immense opportunity to not only be found but to make a great digital first impression.

Here are my three top reasons why every business owner needs a quality LinkedIn profile (and it’s not because they need to find a job):

1. Understand people are making decisions based on the information they read online

As a Small Business owner, your LinkedIn profile is potentially one of the first places people can find out information on you. This information will be the basis on which they decide if they want to take further action. Those embracing the ’digital first‘ world know their online presence could be the first piece of information someone sees about them. They might not even be aware of the opportunity their missing.

2. A business owner can position themselves as the expert

LinkedIn offers the opportunity for business owners to position themselves as the expert.  You can do by developing content that supports your achievements, generating testimonials from people your ideal audience can relate to and including qualifications, awards, publications and quantifiable results.

You can also share content. According to a LinkedIn blog post, users who share content on the professional social network at least once a week are about ten times more likely to be contacted for new opportunities than people who don’t share.

3. Support your Google search results

A well-developed, search engine optimised profile and vanity URL means your LinkedIn profile will turn up in Google search results.

Also, LinkedIn offers small business owners the platform to identify, connect and engage with their ideal client. You can find a lot of information on your ideal client avatar by looking on LinkedIn. With the bonus of being able to connect and engage with them on a professional platform.


This means that LinkedIn provides businesses with a medium to complement face-to-face activities, support a great digital first impression, and maximise opportunities.

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