NEWSFLASH: Business Isn’t About Knowing Your Numbers


NEWSFLASH: Business Isn’t About Knowing Your Numbers

How many times have you hear “business is a numbers game”? Hundreds? Thousands? Well, I believe it’s a relationship game. Of course, you need the numbers to grow, but what’s a business without good relationships with your customers?

Do you love your customers like they are your best friends? Do you care for them and nurture them? Do you go above and beyond?

I was only talking to a business owner this week about finding the right-fit customers and how nightmarish it can be when you are working with people who aren’t your business besties. We’ve all been there, right? Had customers who weren’t the right fit?

Once you start to work with people who know, like and trust you, who get you, who pay their bills on time, who take you for the expert you are, who refer you to their friends and family, and who simply love you…you’ll never work with anyone else again!

Once you’ve found your business bestie, here’s how to have a beautiful relationship with them.

1. Listen to their problems

You know when you have an issue you’ve been trying to solve and nothing has worked – and then you meet that one person who solves it for you and takes away that awful frustration and pain you have? How great does it feel? Be that person for your customers. When you are speaking with them actively listen to what they are saying to you. How can you really help them?

2. Treat them like they are part of your family

When you receive amazing customer service, you feel delighted and on top of the world. It feels good to be treated well. It feels good to be remembered by the guy that makes your coffee. It feels good when the grocer asks after your family. You start to feel like part of the family. Treat your customers like they are part of your family.

3. Be a great communicator

There is nothing worse when someone tells you they will do something and two weeks later you still haven’t heard from them. Granted we all get busy, but communication is a huge factor in building long-lasting relationships with your customers. If you can’t meet a deadline pick up the phone and call you customer and explain. Nine times out of them this will have a better outcome than the noise of crickets.

4. Educate them

Share your knowledge with your customers about what you can do to help them. Talk to them about what you are doing and why you are doing it. Educate them on what you do. Help them to understand why you are the person for the job and why you love what you do. I only work with people who love what they do now because I know we will only get the best results. Sharing your knowledge (for free!) is a simple and easy trick to building better relationships.

5. Share the love

I love connecting people and so I share the love around and tell people about my customers in the hope they get more customers. Word of mouth is still one of the best forms of advertising so why not talk about your “family members”. I have referred many people to my customers because I have tried their products and services, and believe in they can genuinely help. This will go a long way to cementing your relationship so it’s a long lasting one.

Business is about relationships. Having great relationship with your customers means a tribe of people willing to edify you, it mean repeat business, it means referrals, more leads, more business. Hands up who wants that?!

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