Negative Feedback Can Be Positively Great for Business. Here’s Why.


Negative Feedback Can Be Positively Great for Business. Here’s Why.

Negative feedback is always hard to take but handled correctly; it can be a great boost for business. Here’s why.

A couple of years ago I purchased a bag of fruit balls from my local health food store.  They were quite delicious, and I munched on them happily.  Until… I bit down on what felt like a small rock. It didn’t hurt me.  I wasn’t wounded.  My tongue didn’t implode.  All was fine, but, bitten at the wrong angle at the wrong time, the rock may have chipped a tooth or done some other type of damage.

So, I sent a polite email with my feedback to the company. I didn’t want my money back nor did I wish to rant. I just wanted to share my experience.  I received the below response from the owner:

“Thanks so much for emailing to let me know. That’s definitely not what you want when eating one of my products, I’m so sorry about this. It was more than likely part of a date pip as we use fresh pitted dates. Unfortunately every now and then a pip slips through the system. We’ve actually updated our packaging to include a small warning of the possibility of a date pip being present. I’d love to send you a replacement product as a way of apology. What is your address and I’ll get some sent out to you.”

Now that’s how you deal with negative feedback

The response from the owner was impressive. She acknowledged there was a problem, empathised, apologised and swiftly took steps to make amends.  And I mean, swiftly.  I received a couriered box of goodies within days.  One of the goodies in the box was a type of cacao bliss ball.  Oh my goodness! I wanted more, more, more.  I became a bliss ball version of Cookie Monster!

At the earliest opportunity I rushed to the health food store to purchase some, but alas, they didn’t stock them.  Cookie Monster no like! I repressed the urge to eat the sales assistant and asked politely if it was possible to start stocking them.  It was. They did.   And guess what.

Those bliss balls sold so well; the store regularly stocks them now, as well as two other varieties of bliss balls from the company’s range.  (All those extra sales purely from the way the company dealt with negative feedback!)

The way you handle negative feedback can boost sales. Here’s why.

  1. You’ll get repeat customers  – If people like the product/service, and the situation has been rectified, they’re likely to keep buying the same item or service again and again.
  2. You’ll provide reassurance and build trust – If people can see that you react to negative feedback politely and professionally, they’ll be more likely to spend money with you. This especially applies to public comments made on social media. The opposite also applies. If you want to drive customers into the arms of your competitors, simply leave an angry, defensive response on social media.
  3. Word of mouth referrals – I was so pleased with the business owner’s response that I told numerous people about it.  Others might take to social media, expanding the reach of their positive feedback.

As a caring business owner, negative feedback is always hard to hear. But it’s not the end of the world, and in fact, can lead to a tribe of loyal brand advocates and repeat customers.  In other words, a delicious boost in sales!


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