Are You in Need of a Social Media Cleanse but Can’t Afford to Disappear?


Are You in Need of a Social Media Cleanse but Can’t Afford to Disappear?

Love it or hate it, social media is now a huge part of our lives.

For many, it’s a main source of communication, and in some instances, especially if you’re in business, it’s an essential component of everyday life. I’m one of those for whom it is an essential. Much of our business communication and marketing is done via social media, and although I have a lot of stuff scheduled to happen for me, we’re at a point in our business where I need to be available online, and mostly I love it.

But lately, I’ve started to feel heavy when it comes to social media; a bit down, every time I had to log on. So, I went back to basics. I pulled out my previous Smallville article where I wrote about beating social media burn out and went to work. The only problem is that when I wrote that article a year ago, it was at a time when I could schedule absolutely everything to run without me. I could remove all the apps from my phone and know that there wouldn’t be an emergency. I felt like, if need be, I could completely disconnect without impacting my business.

But I need some space!

Now, however, things have changed, and as I said above, I can’t just disappear when I feel like I need a cleanse. We have people who work for us, outsourced teams who rely on communication to be done via social media of some kind. I have groups that I love being involved with, relying on me to keep content and conversation fresh. I’ve got workshops that I developed and run, that are currently in progress.

So how do I get that space, while still being present?

This time around I couldn’t take my own advice. But I still needed a break, so here is what I did:

1. What is really bothering me?

It’s not social media as a whole that’s the problem, so it was time to get real and figure out what the real issue was. I started paying more attention to the details, like what was happening at the time I started feeling down, and I discovered there were a few pages I was following that were projecting a lot of negativity.

2. What am I doing there?

I’m going to tell you now if you are feeling burnt out and don’t need to be on social media, then maybe it is time for a break. But if you do, like me, think about why you’re there and what you want to achieve. I wanted it to be a positive experience of social connection, helping people, being helped; yet my newsfeed was filled with passive-aggressive negativity.

3. Unfollow the deadweight.

So, once I could isolate the source of what was emotionally draining me, I was able to unfollow. And further to that, use settings where available to help me see less of certain topics and agendas. I’m now a lot lighter without my daily dose of negativity. It’s become a lot more enjoyable to log on every day, all because I was able to isolate my source of discomfort and remove it.

Social media doesn’t need to be all or nothing. If you get clear on what you want and you don’t want in your life, you can do a social media cleanse, without disconnecting.

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