My Mindset Was Preventing My Business Success


My Mindset Was Preventing My Business Success

I am going to share my example of my mindset preventing my business success, and this is raw and in some ways difficult for me to share.

I have been building businesses for over two decades. Some were dismissal failures; others impressive successes.      But I had a blocker and it only really became apparent due to the ongoing success of the Free the Thinkers program.

I knew I had to take the next step to see the business ‘go to the next level’ and I would have to expand my activities nationally. However, I was self-sabotaging, procrastinating and not taking the necessary steps. And in all honesty, I didn’t even know why I was pulling back.

The dream was big and exciting; everyone around me was singing the project’s praises, and the project was accelerating forward at breakneck speed. I, on the other hand though, was not! I set myself a task to find the block. I knew there was something I was missing, but it took a talk with a life coach to suss it out.

Now, here is the raw part (and please note this happened whilst in a restaurant).

At the time when we worked this out, I was working alongside my father in his business as his Business Development Manager, on a contract basis. My life coach Sherryn probed and asked me questions, as they do, and she dug deeper and deeper about why I was not getting out and making this ‘project’ happen.

As a child, I was diagnosed with a super rare Perthes’ disease and was hospitalised for almost ten months. In that time, I had an ‘event’ happen. We kept digging until we worked out that I was seven years old when my dad came to visit me in the hospital. This was pretty rare as he worked away and I rarely saw him. To me, at that age, my dad was a ‘superhuman figure’. Bigger than Ben-Hur, as they say.  Anyway, during the visit, I fall asleep due to the drugs I was on. When I awoke, he was gone. I was devastated. I cried myself back to sleep, and my heart was destroyed. My dad came to see me, and I let him down. I fell asleep.  The memory brought me to tears when I recalled it.  I’m a bit of a man’s man, and I have an ego so I don’t cry (much) if I can help it. Don’t ask my wife though.

I had a major attachment issue with my father. And it was capping my business growth.

I could not make the decisions to grow my business while I had this unresolved attachment issue with him. Sherryn walked me through the remaining processes of settling the issue, and we parted ways.

“Like it or not, your business failure or success is your choice.”

Your core beliefs are either going to give you room to grow your business, or they’re going to bring you to a grinding halt. The level of success you reach, whatever level you have set, is all your creation. None of it exists outside your own head. So, if you’re going to create a successful business, you need to make sure you remove or settle as many unnecessary thoughts and beliefs as possible.

Your business growth is not from sales, contacts, systems or dumb luck. It is wholly and solely from your mindset. The other things follow on from your mindset. If you believe you can achieve success, then you will put in place all of the other, necessary parts to make it happen.

Do what you have to do to strengthen your belief in your ability to succeed in your business. Your beliefs will either limit your growth by setting your expectations and setting limits on your activity level; to the extent, you will pull back and restrict your own efforts. Or they will drive you to find ways to accelerate and grow past any roadblocks or restrictions.

Make a decision today to talk to someone and literally ‘free the thinker’ within you.

Shoot me a comment below and let us all know what you’ve done. Let’s celebrate together!

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    Wow Paul what a great article. Thanks for sharing your personal experience with such a great message.

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