My Favourite Productivity Hacks for 2019


My Favourite Productivity Hacks for 2019

Working efficiently in 2019 can be improved with the right productivity hacks, it just takes a little time to find the right one, and when you do it will set you up going forward. 

As we stare down the barrel of the end of the financial year people tend to react one way or another.

The first way.

Oh Crap! We’re halfway through ‘another’ year and nothing’s changed. We all know business closes down in November, so really that only gives us four months, and what can we really achieve in four months? Guess we’ll make all the plans for next year now and just keep doing what we’ve been doing for the rest of this year. 

The second.

Oh, Crap! Where did June come from? Best get at least one duck (don’t have time to find all of them) and get it lined up. If I’m lucky, I might even manage to get three or four of those ducks lined up before people start logging off for Christmas. At least we can finish strong, in a better position for next year.

If you identify with the first way, then I’m going to let you off the hook right now. Go grab a coffee and shut this article down, it’s not for you. But, if you still believe you can finish on a high, read on.

I’m a big fan, scratch that, I’m a huge fan of tech. In particular, embracing and using tech for its time saving, productivity saving, sanity saving capabilities.

Rather than you needing to go ‘down the rabbit hole’ I’ve collated my favourite productivity tech hacks (so far) for 2019.


So the marketing blurb describes ‘Descript’ as “A word processor with a play button”. And it might just be one of my favourite finds in a few years (spoiler alert, it’s not brand new). So many of us now are needing to transcribe content. The options (until now) have been finding someone online that would do the transcription for you ‘cheap’, using an online software service like ‘Rev’ or spending hours (and I mean h-o-u-r-s) transcribing the thing yourself.

Descript will not only transcribe your audio (or video) BUT (and here’s the kicker) you can then edit your audio (or video) by editing your text.

“Get Out!” I hear you say…. No, it’s true. For real. And, yep, it’s actually that good. And no, I don’t get a kickback for saying that… I will, however, get 100 free minutes (and so will you) if you check it out using this link.


Ok, we all know that we ‘should’ be blogging. Most of us aren’t quite sure ‘why’ we should be blogging, but we’ve read enough to know that it’s a good thing for businesses to do. Now, I could add here that businesses who blog regularly tend to have 434% more indexed pages. That’s a good thing if you want to get found on Google. 

This little site helps you to plan, collaborate, publish, distribute and measure all in one place, and as if it couldn’t get any better, it’s actually an easy program to learn, master and use.


Working with small business clients, I’m surprised by the number that still don’t have any analytics connected to their website or social media. They aren’t tracking anything, and they have no way of knowing what’s working and what isn’t. The first suggestion I offer any small business owner is this … You can’t change what you don’t measure. 

Sure, you can connect Google Analytics (and you should), but at the end of the day, unless you’re ready to study and understand how to read the analytics, it doesn’t offer a lot of insight anyway.

Introducing StatsGlitch: a very easy to use platform that will take your analytics and spit out an easy to use and understand report. You can connect a bunch of other data providers, but start with your Google account; it’ll give you enough data to make some great decisions.

Best of all, you can connect your analytics account for free.

Process Street.

We all know we need processes, procedures and policies in our businesses. Especially before we onboard a new team member, or work with a new client. Creating these processes or checklists can feel a little overwhelming. That’s where Process Street comes in.

It’s an online software platform that provides a bunch of templates and allows you to integrate with Dropbox and Google Drive (and others). Checklists, templates, forms and processes, tasks, sales… the list really does go on and on for what this platform can do.

My only caveat with this one and I should say this applies in reality to all of the platforms I’ve shared so far, they do take a little bit of time to learn them.

Most of the productivity hacks I’ve shared are (pretty) intuitive, but, to save yourself some colourful curse words and aimlessly clicking around the screen, do read/watch or access the tutorials… you’ll be glad you did.

The final one I’m going to leave you with is my absolute favourite. I spend so much time (and dollars) on this site, and once you jump on and start looking around you’ll completely understand why…


This site collates various bits of tech and software and offers them up on a (reduced) platter. I really am going to say no more about this one cause you just need to go and check it out for yourself… You can thank me later.

If you’ve made it right through my favourite productivity hacks (so far) for 2019, then I’m pretty sure you’ve found at least one, possibly two new pieces that will make the remainder of this year very different.

Take your time in selecting your favourites, and spend the time getting to know them. The time invested up front will make a HUGE difference to how you interact and work with them moving forward.

Oh, one last thing… I’d love to know what your favourite productivity hacks are, so go ahead and share it in the comment section below.

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