Music And Entrepreneurship: The Ultimate Creative Outlet For Small Business Success


Music And Entrepreneurship: The Ultimate Creative Outlet For Small Business Success

Did you know that many successful Entrepreneurs are also Musicians? And good Musicians as well.

For example, Paul Allen the cofounder of Microsoft and Steve Wozniack the co founder of Apple stand out. Plus, Musicians who have built multi- million dollar empires. Bono, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, Victoria Beckham are a few.

As a former Musician, I believe that I know what the key is to their success as business people.  And it revolves around a love, passion, discipline and talent for Music.

As a child growing up in a Christchurch New Zealand I was a rarity as a young Flautist. Most girls my age when asked what they would do when they left school, said, nurse, teacher or in those days’ secretary. I said my dream is to become a Flautist in one of the world’s orchestras and I did this at a very early age.

My school friends say I was quiet and shy. Yes, music was my way of connecting into a world that took gave me possibilities of new directions. Hearing the NZ Symphony Orchestra in Christchurch was like going to the circus. I didn’t want the concert to finish and have to re-enter my country style life.

So what do many Musicians, in the popular or classical genre have in common? And how do they leverage those talents into careers beyond Showtime?

To help, I have narrowed these attributes into three areas that define success as a musician.  And can be leveraged into the business entrepreneurial world. This is the difference between having a mediocre business or performance instead of one that stands out.

1. Practice till perfect.

A Musician at the start of their career has to move through an audition process regularly. This can be scary, intimidating and down right tough. This is the difference between working as a cleaner, in a bar or being paid to perform. So imagine as an entrepreneur, practicing every day smart ways to pitch your business and commit to a continuous cycle of learning.  Perhaps, new technical skills, communication, products and so on.

No different as a Musician, who keeps practicing sections of music that are unplayable initially, but with a performance date looming cannot afford to stop. Imagine going on stage as an Entrepreneur with a section of your business perfected to the highest performance level. How would you feel? Alive, inspired and confident?

2. Don’t give up, be persistent.

Life as a Musician is about rejection from day one. To get into an orchestra especially as a Flautist they need 3 flutes, so you have to be the gold star winner to get into this select group. And many times you miss out. Which means that you have to deal with enormous feelings of rejection, inadequacy and not being good enough.

In an Entrepreneurs world rejection is constant. Whether this relates to your product not being valued by organisations, or individuals. This hurts and learning how to pick yourself up and continue is essential to financial survival. Same for a Musician. Remember the rejection many past business people had, for example Colonel Saunders had 1009 rejections. And the one thing that got him over the line was Action.

3. Learn how to leverage skills.

For example, leverage music discipline into business discipline. Many people forget past passions when they embark upon life as an Entrepreneur. When I ask clients about this part of their life a light bulb comes on and they break out in a smile, laugh and talk about past achievements and passions forgotten. It is easy to get caught up in the day to day thought patterns of moving a business ahead, and forget the key.

What is it that makes you and your business stand out. How can you use past skills and talents in new ways? I was a classically trained Flautist whose first job was in the Original show of Jesus Christ Superstar. I went into a Rock- band, leveraged my training into another area of performance and won my first paid gig, which lasted 18 months.

So, how about becoming an Entrepreneurial performer, and use these three points in new and exciting ways to bring more passion and purpose into your journey. It is all about combining discipline with MOJO. Don’t get bogged down in learning just the notes.

A performance as a Musician stands out when they create a spell binding experience for their audience. You can do this too, have fun and give yourself permission to let go during the Entrepreneurial journey.

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