Are You Missing This Persuasive Information From Your Website?


Are You Missing This Persuasive Information From Your Website?

Do you: offer an awesome service, have a fantastic website and feature great testimonials, but still don’t get as many enquiries as you’d like? There are many reasons why your enquiries might be low, but here’s one important reason that many small business owners often overlook.

Fear not! As I wrote in a previous Smallville article, prospects have fears that hold them back from doing business with you, and the only way to reduce those fears is by providing reassurance. One big question that potential customers ask (mainly related to unfamiliar service-based businesses) is, “How does this service work?” or “What’s the process?”

For example, if a person has never used a life coach, copywriter, graphic designer or counsellor, they may not know how the service works or the steps toward getting a final outcome; which is fear enough to stop them from taking any steps at all.

To break down this barrier, simply explain how your service works.  Here are some examples of how others do it.

Example 1: Uber

Uber breaks down how their service works in three easy steps.


Example 2: 99 Designs

The people behind 99 Designs (an online graphic design marketplace) know the importance of explaining process. Not only do they have a dedicated menu tab titled “How it works”, but they even have a “How it works” link under the “Get started” button. They know people won’t get started until they know what started looks like.

image2Example 3:  Lion Writing

On my website I have a dedicated “Process” page, which outlines, well, the process for working with me. It all starts with reassurance though: “If you’ve never used a copywriter before, then the process might seem daunting and confusing. But it’s not. It’s actually really enjoyable and easy.  Every copywriter has a different process. Here’s mine.”


Example 3: Life Coach

I recently re-wrote the website copy for a life coach. One of the things we acknowledged is that some potential clients don’t know what a life coach is and how life coaching  works. Sometimes, people want to get in touch but don’t know what to say when they pick up the phone. So, aside from explaining the process, we actually decided to remove all hesitation and confusion by giving the visitor just one, simple step. When calling for an obligation-free chat, all they have to say is, “I may need assistance”.  By removing any uncertainty about what to say, the first step of the process is the only step they need to think about.

Example 4:  Testimonial

This example doesn’t showcase a business, but rather, a technique to explain process. If you have a client who expresses how seamless and easy your process is, ask them to write about it in their testimonial.  Not only will this ease people’s minds about your process, but it will also generate lots of overall trust for your business.

As you can see, explaining your process is both reassuring and persuasive, and could have a positive influence on your bottom line. So, go forth and explain, reassure and reap the rewards!

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