‘Millennial Mums’ Are Shaking Up the Travel Industry


‘Millennial Mums’ Are Shaking Up the Travel Industry

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, global travel and tourism were worth US$7.6 trillion in 2016, and it is expected to grow to US$12 trillion by 2028.

It is one of the fastest growing industries around the world and accounts for 10% of global GDP. Take those numbers in; they are huge. Yet, the industry is not without challenges. The path to purchase is extremely long and complex.

Google research highlights that 70% of people don’t know where they will take their holiday, and Expedia research reveals that people will search 38 websites before making a booking. So, who makes the travel decision and how do you fast track the path to making a booking?

Let me share with you my own family travel story:

I’m in Hawaii as I write this article. It’s 2 am, and I am suffering jet lag. I’m sitting in the bathroom so as not to disturb my blissfully sleeping family. It’s part of a thirty day, ‘trip of a lifetime’ through America. Like most Australian mothers, I was the key decision maker when it came to deciding which country to travel to. However, the kids have largely influenced which locations within America we will visit. My children’s destination choices can be attributed to a small collection of famous YouTubers and sporting heroes they follow. I’m in Hawaii after my 14-year old daughter watched Jay Alvarrez on YouTube along with 10 million others. I’m travelling to Los Angeles as my 10-year daughter follows another YouTuber, Jake Paul and my son, who aspires to play college basketball, sees his beloved LA Lakers play a pre-season game against LA Clippers.

Kids influence over family travel is most noted amongst ‘Millennial Mums’ who approach family life more democratically than previous generations. Kids voices are heard and acted upon. Astute travel marketers are recognising this and are running dual campaigns that separately target mothers and children. Without question, YouTube is a very powerful, but under-utilised tool for travel marketers.

I believe that ‘Millennial Mums’ will change the travel industry as we know it. Not only do they give their children a greater say in the family holiday experience, but they also opt for more culturally diverse destinations. They want their children to experience a different slice of life as they raise them to become global citizens. Hence, they are more inclined to travel overseas than mothers aged over 35 years. This represents a great opportunity for travel marketers who can demonstrate how their destination can provide unique experiences and diverse family offerings.

Two companies showing a clear understanding of the Millennial parent are Jetstar and Afterpay with their recent announcement to offer flexible payment offerings for domestic fares within Australia. Whilst this is certainly likely to see a rise in travel for Millennial families I believe the real prize will be achieved if this is extended to cover overseas travel. When this happens, I would expect Jetstar to see a significant lift in their Asian routes as Millennial families look for cultural diverse holiday opportunities. They want to walk a less travelled road.

I’m delighted to be combining my two passions, mums and travel and to present more on this topic at M2Moms Conference, the world’s leading learning event for brands who market their products and services to mums. I’ll be in great company speaking alongside representatives from the likes of Google, YouTube, Kate Spade, Cooper Tires and Anne Geddes. My focus will be to help travel marketers fast track mums path to making a travel booking by providing them with three tools which mums will respond to.

If you can’t make the conference but want to know more get in touch below.

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  • Anita mclachlan

    Great article Katrina. Jetstar and Afterpay. Wasn’t aware of that one but do now thank you! Afterpay has certainly made a difference to shopping habits. We’ve noticed a significant impact. I look forward to working with you to navigate our travel partnerships. If anyone can steer the path, it’s you! Go get ’em in NY! Ax

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