Mastering Stress

How many of these things are going through your head right now:

  • How do I keep my business profitable through this busy time of year?
  • How do I get the right balance between home and work?
  • How do I pay the bills?
  • How do I deal with family conflict at the Christmas ‘get together’?
  • How can I make 2019 an even better year in my business?
  • How much harder do I have to work to make a success of my business?
  • When will things start to work out for me in my life?
  • When will things start to work out for me in my business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you definitely need to take some time to de-stress.

If you keep pushing through all the resistance that these, and similar, questions create, you will find that you either crash or you will not be operating at your full capacity.

Stress weakens us. Stress overwhelms us. Stress can immobilise us and yet, stress is helpful to us too.

The problem comes when the stress is ongoing and unrelenting.

Unfortunately, too many of us are living with that ongoing and unrelenting buildup of Cortisol in our bodies.

What is the solution?

The stress that you feel should be your indicator that you need to change something in your life.

  • It might be to delegate some of your tasks, or it could be that you need to change the way you think about things. Your beliefs about yourself may need adjusting.
  • If you believe that life is meant to be hard and you just need to ‘suck it up and keep going’, you are headed for a crash. Sorry, but it is true.
  • If you believe that the only way to succeed is to work harder, then the future is not looking good.

How do you measure the success of your life?

I would say the success of your life needs to be measured by the amount of joy you feel.

So, by that standard, how are you doing?

You may have a different measure for success, and that is fine. Just be sure that you are really comfortable that the measure for success that you are using is yours, and not one that you have inherited.

Ensure that you are not living up to someone else’s standard for success in your life. You are not that ‘other’ person and their journey was different to yours.

Now that you know what your measure of success is going to be; do an audit on how you are living your life. Make some adjustments where you need to. You might have to do this a little bit at a time, but now is a perfect time to start thinking about where you want to be at the end of 2019.

Do your priorities need to change?

Do you need to clear the impact of some trauma (big T or little t trauma) from the past?

Do you encounter someone (or a group of people) who cause you stress? If this is happening, you can be sure that they are in your life as a reminder of someone from your past. When you clear the trauma from the past, you will stop attracting these stress-inducing people into your life.

Do you just need to get better at planning your approach to life, business and everything?

Do you need to love yourself more? People often ask, “How do I love myself more?”

The answer is so simple: 

  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Give yourself time to be (you are a ‘human being’, not a ‘human doing’).
  • Recognise that unless you take care of yourself, you won’t have anything to give to others. You can’t give from an empty barrel.

Remember that you are body, mind and soul. There is more to you than you may have given yourself credit for. All three need to be in alignment for you to be living your best self.

Above all, remember that you deserve to be happy!

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