Marketing Trends Every Business Needs to Know for 2018 Success – Part 2


Marketing Trends Every Business Needs to Know for 2018 Success – Part 2

In my part 1 article of this two-part series, I discussed the first 9 essentials for your marketing success in 2018.

Marketing is simple really but is it not so simple to get this right in an elegant and seemingly effortless way especially with 2018 being a year where an advantage will be afforded to the brands who are on the front foot with marketing advances. 

For your 2018 marketing success here are another 9 marketing essentials:

1. Content.

There is more content on the internet than ever before. Content is king … But only if people see it, like it, act on it, and if they share it; bonus! Create quality content specifically with your tribe in mind, collaborate with your influencers, and leverage user-generated content. And it doesn’t need to be high-end production house stuff either. iPhone images and Boomerang loops have been amongst some of the best performing content we’ve ever tested. You must have video. And make sure you have portrait video for when you’re serving it to mobile devices. So, create great content and have a distribution plan. Organic simply isn’t reliable (sorry Gary Vee), and isn’t an option for many brands.

2. Mobile is everything.

Dah! But you’d be surprised how many ‘mobile friendly’ websites aren’t actually optimised for mobile. This is now a non-negotiable. Make sure your website, booking forms and checkout page are mobile optimised. Not mobile friendly, mobile optimised. In America mobile accounted for 71% of the total digital minutes spent online. So being mobile optimised is critical, but knowing how and when people use their devices to interact with your brand is where you can start to be really clever. For example, a desktop may be the primary device during the day, and a mobile or tablet at night. Your campaigns can weave around and optimise for this.

3. Full funnel marketing.

No marketing channels should be silo’d. In-store visits should be your Facebook ads. For example, Lorna Jane has shopfronts in most airports. They should be advertising to anyone who’s on their VIP list while they are at the airport. I’d also segment out anyone who’s at the airport who’s visited their website but isn’t a VIP member with another message. All touchpoints should be interlinked and entwined. Use your brand guidelines as a true north and let your customers experience your brand values no matter where they see you. Make sure you have the Facebook pixel installed on your website, even if you aren’t doing Facebook ads. It’s a way of capturing people who’ve been to your site so you can retarget them later.

4. Always on campaigns.

The power of digital means you can now set up campaigns and literally make money in your sleep. Have your trigger-based funnels set to always on. And at the same time run engagement content with insights into the company, transparency, shares and brand story.

5. Tribe.

Create connection and build a tribe. Clearly know who your tribe is. Your marketing wraps itself around your brand. Your brand wraps itself around your tribe. Your tribe is not ‘everyone’. You need to be crystal clear about who your target audience, aka avatar/tribe/crew is. Once you have this your marketing has a true north to follow. Your brand needs to be unique. Sure. But it needs to resonate with your tribe so strongly they feel like you are talking directly to them. If you try to be everything to everyone, you will be nothing to no one. People will be confused. And confusion is the enemy. They will choose another brand.

6. Live events.

Create a true connection with live events. There is nothing more powerful than face-to-face engagement. Think popup stores, activation events, warehouse sales, expos, meet and greets. It not only allows your customers a deeper insight into the brand so they can get to know you; it allows them to touch and feel your product.

7. Ungated content.

Remember when the standard process started by offering your customers a lead magnet where people gave their email address in exchange for some valuable content. That’s called gated content. Well, now with the Facebook pixel, you can give it to them content ungated, without asking for their email. This will build trust and feels less salesy. Instead of following them up with an email sequence (which let’s be honest goes into junk anyway) you can follow them up with targeted Facebook and Instagram content.

8. Be traffic ready.

Regardless of how you get traffic, whether it’s Facebook ads or whatever, a click without a conversion is a huge wasted opportunity. The good news is traffic exposes a business. The bad news is traffic exposes a business. Make sure you are ready for traffic. Basically, being traffic ready means, you have the ability to identify and convert potential customers to the next stage of the buying cycle. This includes online assets and your internal systems and processes. You can check this by secret shopping regularly. You will be blown away with what you find when you secret shop. Use what you find to reward, improve or refine your business processes and policies.

9. Niche services.

No one can do everything well. The large agencies outsource digital media to specialist consultants or agencies more and more. Brands are also seeing the importance of going direct to a specialist. They might produce all their content in-house, but outsource their Facebook Ads to a specialist. Platforms, especially Facebook, are changing almost daily. So, don’t try to keep up with the intricate detail yourself, let the experts help you in their expert area.

Make your 2018 an amazing year by capitalising on the unprecedented opportunities on offer by utilising these and my other 9 essentials from my previous Smallville article, Marketing trends every business needs to know for 2018 success – Part 1.

So, how are you going to capitalise on these marketing tends of 2018?

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