Marketing Automation Myths and the Truth


Marketing Automation Myths and the Truth

I’m all about embracing new technology, after all, in a lot of ways technology has made our lives a lot easier and a whole lot better.

If you don’t believe me have a look at what hospitals used to look like in the 1800’s. Usually, I find that the reason people shy away from new advancements in technology is because they just don’t understand it, and they’ve probably heard a few of the scary, disproportionate myths going around.

One of those new advancements that I hear a lot of outrageous myths about is marketing automation. I could write a list as long as Santa’s about all the ideas people have about marketing automation that don’t really fall into the realm of truth, but you might get bored along the way.

So I’ve just picked my top 5 marketing automation myths for you:

1. Marketing automation is only for email chains.

This is actually a really common misconception. Why? Because for a lot of companies, this is all they use marketing automation for, but trust me when I tell you, they have barely even scratched the surface of what this baby can do.

Sure it helps you to create highly effective, targeted email chains, but it can also be utilised for landing pages, social media, lead generation, content testing and so much more.

2. Marketing automation is basically spam.

Wrong! Spam is throwing absolutely everything you have at your clients and hoping at least one thing will catch their attention. Marketing automation is about only sending them the content that is relevant and targeted to them.

It’s about noticing what product range they look at on your site and sending them a targeted email when that range goes on sale because you know they’ll actually value the content.

3. Automation is impersonal.

This is a tricky one because the truth is that some automated funnels can feel impersonal, but it’s not the fault of marketing automation, it’s the fault of the marketer. Like I said, automation is about sending the right messages to the right people at the right time, so in that regards it actually has the potential to be way more personal. But in order to achieve that it does require some real attention when creating your content.

If you want your automated messages to feel personal, you need to write them to be personal and (it’s a big ‘and’ ) you need to update things once and a while … Which leads me to the next myth.

4. Once you set it up, you’ll never have to look at it again.

If you’re saying the same things over and over again, it’s never going to feel personal, and it’s also going to quickly turn ineffective. Marketing automation gives you the chance to monitor your customers’ feedback and respond by giving them what they want, but in order to do that you can’t simply ‘set and forget’ everything.

You need to be constantly tweaking and testing. What worked really well last quarter actually might not be working this quarter. What didn’t get as many responses last month might be getting a ton of engagement this month. Test, tweak and test again (x infinity).

5. It will make marketers redundant.

This is a big barrier to a lot of people implementing automation into their marketing strategy and fair enough. If I thought a piece of software was out to steal my job, I probably wouldn’t be the first person to welcome it either. But in case you haven’t guessed from the last myth, marketing automation is not something that can just be set up and left to run on its own for 20 years. It requires constant monitoring, testing and new content; it needs marketers.

So then, why bring marketing automation in at all?

Well, marketing automation isn’t here to steal your job, and it’s not here to do your job for you, it’s actually all about helping you do your job a lot more effectively. It’s about taking those pesky, menial tasks off your hands, so you have more time to focus on the creative aspects of your job; the parts a robot can’t do. It will free your time up to create more content and better campaigns and maybe even just get you home to your family on time.

So, hopefully, by addressing these five myths I will have cleared a few things up for you when it comes to marketing automation.

The truth is, change can be scary, but there are also times when change can be really, really good.

For the marketing world, automation is one of these really, really good changes.

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