Are You Making These Big Mistakes With Your Business Blog?


Are You Making These Big Mistakes With Your Business Blog?

Over the last few years, I’ve created a lot of content. I love helping businesses tell their story, and I love writing articles.

Even more than that, I love reading them. To me, reading a blog is like being shown the heart of the business. So, it comes as no surprise that one of the first things I do when I hit a website is to go searching for the blog. And this morning was no exception.

In customer mode, I was searching the web for a service I needed for my business when I hit a website that ticked all the boxes. Happy with what I’d found, I went searching for the blog. It was a mess. So bad in fact, that the more I read, the more they were starting to lose me as a potential customer.

The thing is, anyone can have a great website built and look the part. But if you’re not backing it up with great content, you run the risk of losing all that credibility, and I see it happening all the time. So where did they go so wrong?

1. Who were they writing to?

Even though I was the customer, the majority of their blog articles were on topics that I’d potentially be talking about in my business. They were kind of in the ballpark of the industry but completely missing the mark. It made me start to wonder, if they couldn’t address some of the issues I had, did they really understand my needs as their customer.

Really getting to know your customer and the issues they face is vital to establishing a really well-rounded business blog. The very first step to creating great content is being clear on your avatar, and your ‘why’.

2. No attention to detail.

I’m a terrible speller, and it’s likely you’ll find spelling or grammatical errors in some of my work. It happens. But on this blog, every single post was plagued with issues ranging from misused words to missing capital letters. It screamed to me, lack of attention to detail, and had me wondering if that was what I could expect of their service as a whole.

There are a number of programs available, for free, that help writers and non-writers create more cohesive and accurate content. I myself would be lost without sites like Grammarly to ensure I’m getting things (mostly) right.

3. There was no consistency.

There was a blog from last June, another from October and two from January. The topics varied and I couldn’t see any visible link between them all. Without knowing when another blog would appear, or if it would be relevant to me, there was no reason to keep reading. I didn’t sign up to their newsletter, and there was no motivation to return to the site.

This is where you need a content plan. It can be as basic as a spreadsheet with titles and dates to post them, or as detailed as a yearly plan outlining all blogging and social media activity. Consistent content and planning keeps you fresh and your customers coming back.

4. Where’s the personality?

Although factual, all of the posts lacked personality and a point of view. None of them let me in, engaged or connected with me and as a result, none of them entertained me or held my attention. Personal views are one of the only things that can’t be found on Google, so get comfortable with sharing you and your experiences.

When you get it right, blogging can be one of the most powerful advertising tools your business has. So, what is your blog saying about you?

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