How to Make the Most Out of the Christmas Slow Down


How to Make the Most Out of the Christmas Slow Down

I read this morning that it’s seven weeks until Christmas. By the time you read this, it may even be six!

For us, these next few weeks are traditionally a slow period. We deal with other businesses, so our customers are either frantically busy or closed for the holidays. Unless there’s a catastrophic issue threatening trade, we don’t normally hear from them.

If you’re one of those frantically busy businesses, things are just starting to get exciting. But if you’re one that slows or closes down, you’re probably starting to feel pretty tired right about now. You may have even started daydreaming about long lazy summer days. A holiday even. I know I have been!

Over the last few years, we were working to a crazy, and not recommended, plan. Multiple startups at the same stage, at the same time. It’s been a tough slog. Until about mid-year this year when we made it out of ‘survival mode’. It’s still a tough slog, but things have started to get a little easier.

I’ll be honest; it’s been pretty tempting to start planning my holidays. Or start looking forward to sitting back with my feet up for a few weeks. And while I’ll definitely do some of that, this is also a really great time to reflect, review and plan for the future.

Don’t wait until the new year to plan for the new year.

Here are four things you can do, with your feet up, to utilise this time of year, so you hit the ground running into 2018:

1. Declutter.

Once the phone stops ringing and the emails slow down, the very first thing I’ll be doing is decluttering the physical office. It’s time to chuck out old post-its and file that paperwork that’s been building up in the corner. Think about refreshing the space by repainting or adding a new artwork or a plant. Use this time to fall in love with your space.

Once the physical office is done turn your focus to your digital office. Pay particular attention to your phone, PC desktop and calendar. Delete any apps that you no longer use or any recurring appointments that no longer stand.

2. Empty your ‘too hard’ basket.

Ah the ‘too hard’ basket, we’ve all got one. That place we send things we don’t want to deal with. There’s nothing worse than having something hanging over your head, so now is the time to clear it. Begin with the easier things and work your way up to things that are more complicated. It won’t be fun, but I can guarantee you, nothing feels better than starting a new-year baggage free!

3. Business image check.

Take a look at how you look. Is everything consistent and fresh? Or is your marketing looking a little tired? Plan to start the new-year looking sharp by bringing your web presence, social media, marketing materials and uniforms all into line with each other.

4. Review your business plan and plan for the first quarter.

First of all, if you don’t have a business plan, now is a great time to write one. If you do, it’s time to review and make changes. Nail down your yearly goals and get planning for your first quarter.

Finally, don’t forget to rest! Guilt-free. Being in business is hard work so make sure you allow yourself some time to have fun! Celebrate all of your 2017 wins, especially getting to the end of another year; you deserve it!

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