Long Live Experience


Long Live Experience

In this series of articles focused on mature age Aussies who are starting their first business, I’m going to share a range of practical tips, tools and case studies.

Mature age is defined as 45-64 years old, and I reckon if you’re about to start a business in this age range, then you are most definitely, awesome. But don’t just take my word for it. Today, I’m going to share with you not one but five big reasons why you are awesome and give you the facts to prove it.

I’ve been running businesses since I was 35, but my exposure to business ownership goes way back to when I was about four years old. My father ran a floor covering business, and I remember following him around – probably making a nuisance of myself – wanting to help sweep up dust and cuttings off tiles to help him out.

Talk about slave labour! Not just kidding I wasn’t getting paid, so it was probably just slavery!

Just after my 50th birthday, I was sitting with a mentor of mine – who himself was in his early 60’s – and he suggested I should be considering mature individuals to join my licensee network. I took that advice on board, and a couple of years down the track I now have a second business totally focused on helping mature age business owners like yourselves.

There is a very interesting – and not at all positive trend – going on in Australia at the moment. Many mature age people are being made redundant from corporates in Australia, and they are finding it pretty tough to find a new job – in fact, on average it takes them two years to find another role. That’s crazy!

As a result, quite a few decide to start a business. But this can be quite a daunting exercise. I want to share with you a few reasons why you shouldn’t worry because you’re already equipped with some pretty fantastic tools that are going to ensure you’ll be just fine.

1. You’re experienced.

You know very well that once you get to 45 or so, you’ve got a lot of it. Some of it came from successes, some of it came from blood noses – but all of it is incredibly useful to you going into your own business. The fact is no one has the same unique mix of experiences and expertise as you. And this gives you a great strength as a business owner.

2. You are productive.

In fact, research suggests mature age individuals are less likely to get distracted and more likely to be productive on tasks they are working on. Owning a business requires you to be absolutely productive, so this stands you in good stead.

3. Mature business owners and profit.

Research proves that mature age entrepreneurs invest more in their businesses and also gain more profit. And it isn’t a small difference either. It is more than double what younger entrepreneurs make.

4. You know people.

Swinburne University found in their studies that mature age entrepreneurs have on average much broader and deeper networks than younger business starters, putting them in a far stronger position to establish and grow a new enterprise.

5. You have skills.

After years of applying what you have learned in your job, you have refined a lot of skills. Often, we underestimate what we do actually know. But trust me – you know a lot – and as running a business relies on a range of skills, you’ll find these come in handy. One of the best lead generation specialists we ever had in our business was a mum with seven kids in her mid 40’s. She knew how to organise, how to listen, how to get someone to do something for her and many other soft skills that weren’t on an official resume, but boy was she effective.

Ok, so there are 5 good reasons why you are awesome. There are a lot of positives in your favour if you’re going to start a business. Sure, there are things you don’t know. But with your skills and experience, I’m confident you’ll be able to work them out.

I’ve made it my mission to change the lives of mature age Aussies who are starting their first business. I want to see you succeed economically, socially and emotionally. And I am backing you to have a secure financial future for yourself and your family through business ownership.

I look forward to sharing more tips and tools soon.

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