Live Your Treasured Existence Without ‘Balance’


Live Your Treasured Existence Without ‘Balance’

Let’s talk real life where we all have only 24 hours in a day to accomplish our spiritual, emotional, physical and business goals.

I for one am tired of hearing about an urban myth called ‘work, life balance’. In fact, I challenge this myth and will go another step to say it doesn’t exist.

Success takes sacrifice.                  

To be successful in anything, you need to sacrifice other activities. The balance of walking a tightrope with life on one side and work on the other where you never slip, trip over or fall simply is unrealistic. To be the best takes time, dedication, persistence and brutal determination. Your pursuit of this life choice will mean you must sacrifice other priorities to attain your goal. There is no compromise or tight rope balance that can allow you to do it any other way.

Work from the heart.

Firstly, work should be an extension of your life and not an inanimate object that you have to do. To be successful means you love your work, and it is a part of you and your existence. From this comes a natural flow of energy that keeps you driven, happy and focused.

Unhappy? Do something about it.

If you hate your work, then it’s your responsibility to do something about it. Happiness is a learned way of thinking and should not be taken for granted. While you cannot be in control of the people around you, it’s your choice to allow them to influence you. It’s time to stop the excuses and become in charge of your own thinking, thoughts and self-talk.

Prioritise and succeed.

To accomplish success requires the following points to be proactively actioned in your life:

  • Find work that you love, makes you happy and that imparts a feeling of fulfilment.
  • Focus on the areas you are good at and outsource everything else.
  • Niche your services to one or two areas and become the very best in those areas.
  • Write down your weekly, monthly and yearly goals, then break them into realistic daily chunks.
  • Work hard when you have a natural flow and rest when you are tired.
  • Batch like tasks together to increase productivity.
  • Ditch distractions, like turn off your phone, set times to check email and turn off notifications from social media platforms.

Accept imbalance.

  • Embrace the fact that life is imperfect and imbalanced.
  • Accept that you can never be all things to all people all of the time.
  • Make a conscious decision to control how you react, and what you do with your own emotions.
  • Be determined with whatever you choose to do, work diligently with all your heart.
  • Stop chasing the urban myth of ‘work, life balance’.
  • Look for joy, contentment and flow instead of perfection.

Be happy.

Being present for the deaths of both my husband’s parents taught me a very important life truth. We have only one life to live, and it’s by the power of our own choice, thinking and decisions that we will create a lifetime of cherished memories or one of darkness and guilt.

Make it your choice to find happiness in your life, accepting that your work, family and friends all fit in this treasured existence without balance.

Love fiercely, dream and succeed big and let go of your fears.

Make your life one to be remembered and be all that you wish to become, today.

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