If You Live in Chaos, You Live in Chaos


If You Live in Chaos, You Live in Chaos

When I cancelled our cleaner for the third time in a row, I knew something had to change. I told her the kids had a bug, but the truth was the house was just a mess, and I didn’t have time to organise it before she was due to arrive.

I know what you’re probably thinking. I had a messy house, and she’s a cleaner, problem solved. And maybe you’re right. But the way I saw it, the issue wasn’t something that could be fixed with a basket of cleaning supplies and an hour of solid work.

A dirty house wasn’t our problem. Our problem was a serious lack of organisation and the perception of a lack of time.

Between our business commitments and our family, we’d been struggling to keep up and I know we’re not unique. Every day I read blog posts and social media posts directed at busy parents putting themselves under too much pressure.

Usually, they’re along the lines of, so what if you have a messy house, or your kids eat takeaway for dinner on a Tuesday night. And most of the time I agree. But our messy, unorganised home was overwhelming us. It was making us miserable and zapping our productivity.

We couldn’t live in chaos anymore. Never being able to find anything. Feeling strangled. Instead of being excited about the bigger picture of our businesses and our life, we had a constant focus on what we weren’t doing.

So now we have begun to make some pretty big changes:

1. Call in the professional organisers.

We moved last year, and not in an ideal way. We had settlement delays, a new baby and businesses to run. Our old house had been packed up for months so when we finally got the keys, we dumped everything in the garage, and there it pretty much stayed. We started off with no organisation, which meant there was nothing to maintain and we’ve been playing a constant game of catch up.

Whether you’re like us and have struggled after a move, or just need someone to come in to reset your home, professional organisers will set up a base level of organisation, so all you need to do is put things back in their place when you’re finished using them.

2. One big life.

If you’ve read my articles, you’ll know I’m an advocate for looking at your life as a whole. Try to forget about the idea of balance and think of your home as an extension of your business. Make whatever you need to do at home a ‘job’. Schedule it into your calendar as a task to be completed and give it the same priority level as a ‘work job’.

The perception of lack of time stems from a lack of priority. Our home wasn’t a priority because we were letting it compete with family time. It was never going to win.

3. More professional help.

Once the base level of organisation is setup, and tasks are in the schedule to be completed, it’s easy to bring in external help. Again, treat your home like your business. If you lack certain knowledge or skills, or your time per hour is of a higher value than a contractor, bring in a professional.

When you live in chaos, you live in chaos. And anything that negatively affects your state of mind, family time or productivity in business, needs to change.

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