Why I Listen to a Podcast Every Day


Why I Listen to a Podcast Every Day

Remember when Apple released the first iPhone? The technology kept everyone satisfied for a year before the impatient question, “when is the next one coming?” was raised.

Fast-forward to the present and three months after a product launch people are asking the same question. We are pushing for greater technical knowledge and striving for continued professional advancement.

A friend of mine recently expressed frustration over the lack of growth and development in his business. When I queried what investment he had put into his personal and professional development in the last 12 months, he revealed it was nothing.

This friend gave me the usual justifications; not enough time, didn’t know where to start, didn’t know what to read or listen to.  My response was for him to download the 4-hour workweek audiobook and go from there.

In today’s busy and ever evolving world, books can be supplemented with digital content. Today’s digital content can come in the way of eBooks, audio books and podcasts.

I have found great value in expanding and challenging my mind by listening to podcasts. This motivated me to record my internationally award winning book – Rock Her World –  the ultimate guide to choosing the perfect engagement ring, in my own voice. That way, clients who were too busy to read my book, could download it on iTunes or purchase it through Amazon and listen to it when they were on the go.


I listen to podcasts that help me stay ahead of the game. For me, that is usually podcasts focused around business, social media or productivity. My favourite podcasts that I am listening to at the moment are; The Tony Robbins Podcast, The Dent Podcast, The Small Business Big Marketing Show, Social Media Marketing Podcast and The Tim Ferriss Show (from the 4 hour work week).

These podcasts have extremely valuable insights from leading experts so Instead of spending time researching the winning formula as they have done; I get to listen to the chapter summary directly from them. Which is a much more effective use of my time? As Woodrow Wilson said, “I would never read a book if it were possible for me to talk for half an hour with the man who wrote it”.


At first, I was downloading and subscribing to any podcasts I came across, and I felt compelled to listen to everything I downloaded. I became quite obsessive, as I had to get the number of outstanding podcasts down to zero. I felt like I was throwing a picture of my kids in the bin if I deleted a podcast I hadn’t listened to.

Now I am more selective. I read the description of the podcast and will listen to a few minutes of the show, to see if I am connecting with the guests on the show or getting value from it. If I am not, then I simply delete and skip on to the next episode in the series. I often find that I stick with a particular podcaster until I have listened to everything outstanding.


Sometimes I like to mix it up a little, and listen to really short podcasts; some can be as short as 5 min. I find this helps tick my sense of accomplishment box. A funny and informative podcast that I listen to when I want a break is, That’s the way I heard it, by Mike Rowe.


Having four children (triplet ten-year-olds and a 12-year-old), I spend a lot of time in the car chauffeuring to soccer, dancing and friends. I find this the best time to listen to a podcast and prefer this to tuning into commercial radio stations. Anthony Robbins often referred to it as NET – No Extra Time.

How many times have we simply wasted a half an hour of time and had nothing to show for it? This time in the car is now a productive growth and development time for me.


I heard someone on a podcast tell me that they listen to podcasts at 1.5x – 2x speed. At first, I thought there was no way that you could fully take in everything you needed listening to it at that speed – However, it turns out you can.

You need to experiment a little, and the speed you choose will depend on the presentation style and talking speed of the podcasters.

Now I find that I can get through an hour podcast in the 30-40 minute drive to work.


Being an avid podcast listener, I also take the time to promote the episodes that not only I have found truly helpful, but my community will as well. Doing this has gained the attention of a number of podcasters and subsequently I have been interviewed on a number of podcasts such as, The Small Business Big Marketing Show, Not Another Business Show, Hot and Healthy with Nicole Van Hattem, The Customer Centric Show and shortly the Arete Executive Podcast with Richard Triggs.

This has been great for raising both my personal profile and that of my business, Xennox Diamonds.

Listening to podcasts has been great for both my personal and professional growth. Don’t wait for another month or year to go by, and don’t let yourself off the hook by saying there isn’t enough time. Start listening and learning today, you will be surprised where it takes you in the next 12 months.

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