Why Life Balance May Not Be What You Think It Needs to Be


Why Life Balance May Not Be What You Think It Needs to Be

Are you often told that life-balance is vital to experiencing good health, wellness and living a fulfilled life? I have to admit that I have spoken a few times on this subject myself and it is something I am very passionate about.

But, what is life-balance? Why is it so important for business owners and how can you achieve what really seems like the impossible at times on the roller coaster that we call small business? Well, that was my question when I was recovering from a health issue last year and I spent most of the year finding out what life balance is for me. A good balance is different for everyone because everyone is energised in different ways.

A good life balance is about feeling more balanced within yourself and finding the areas of your life that energise you. These activities are often things that you value the most and when we allow plenty of time for those things it recharges our batteries and keeps us operating in our most optimum state.

Our values drive us internally and they can be influenced by our parents, our peers and different experiences we have had. The problems arise when we attempt to fulfil values that aren’t truly ours because we have been taught they are right.

When we continue to put time and energy into something we don’t truly value, it feels like hard work, it drains our energy and can lead to an unfulfilled and unbalanced life.

To give you an example of this:

I worked with a client who greatly valued health and, understanding that exercise is a big part of having a healthy body, he would head off to the gym a few times a week. He didn’t enjoy the gym and often found reasons not to go, it felt like hard work.

When we got clear on the things that energised him, which included spending time in nature, we were able to find other options for exercise. So for him the value of health includes spending time in nature, not pumping iron at the gym and if going to the gym doesn’t energise him, what’s the point? Now, he happily exercises a few times a week and really enjoys it. He feels more balanced and fulfilled because of that.

When you put time into what is really important to you and let go of general, cultural or family ideals, you will become more balanced within yourself and have a lot more energy for your business and other aspects of your life.

Get clear on what energises you.

Write a list of all the things that energise you. Notice what it is specifically that you enjoy about those things and what it gives you. This is different for everyone, so to give you a few examples you may be energised by lying on a beach reading a book, swimming, sitting meditating, doing motocross, skydiving or socialising with friends.  There’s no right or wrong in this.

Notice what’s important.

Write a list of the aspects of your life that you put your time and energy into right now.  Decide what is important to you about those aspects of your life and what that gives you, not what it gives someone else. Again, this is different for everyone, you may put your time and energy into your family and spending time with them gives you a sense of connection, love or belonging. Or, you may put a lot of time and energy into your business and you may value the freedom, flexibility or creativity it gives you.

Decide where you will focus your time and energy now.

Have a look at both of your lists, decided where you will make a change in where you put your time and energy to create that balance within yourself. Create a healthy balance of things that energise you and things that are important to you, actively make time for both. When you do this you will find you feel a lot more balanced within yourself and a lot more fulfilled.

Many people think that living a balanced and fulfilled life is about following a set of pre-defined external rules. The truth is, we all have our own set of internal rules and needs, which are all unique and when we discover them and decide to work with them we do experience a life balance that works for us.

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