Are You Leveraging This Public Speaking Resource to Get More Gigs?


Are You Leveraging This Public Speaking Resource to Get More Gigs?

As a public speaker, there is one thing that is so powerful, and yet often is overlooked, undervalued and cast aside faster than your audience can say “Bravo.”

It’s a resource that is available to you, and it can be used to leverage you as a public speaker. Think about your last public speaking gig. You were probably so focused on being present, that you may have simply forgotten to do this.

The professional speakers know the value of this. They know that this can lead you to your next public speaking gig. This one thing that can easily be forgotten is … Get testimonials!

Nothing sells like proof.

When I heard my business mentor Steven say these words, it clicked. Proof is the most amazing thing that we have access to as a public speaker. And the best thing is, it’s absolutely free.

A testimonial is one thing that costs your client or audience members absolutely nothing and yet it can be the greatest tool for you to leverage future public speaking gigs. It can be said that you are only ever as good as your last public speaking gig. This is true. Yet you can use what you have done to bridge to your next speech.

Here are my top 5 ways to collect and use proof:

1. Video testimonial (after you speak).

Your audience has just spent time with you, they love what you have presented, you have helped them to solve their problem, helped them to gain clarity, and they are at the peak of their motivation.

Ask them to share that joy! Even if it is by using your smartphone to record a short video testimonial. Any fear of being on the video will subside when they are on that high after listening to your motivational words. So, make the most of it. Then use these testimonials to promote your next event.

2. Private message.

Tools such as text, messenger and WeChat have fast become the new phone call (because, we often don’t have time to answer the phone. Even Alexander Graham Bell placed his phone in a room away from his office because he knew it was a distraction!).

Messaging is fast, instant and convenient. The great thing about it is that you can make it a personable and conversational exchange. Simply having a follow-up chat can lead to a piece of feedback. Ask the person if you can use the feedback and bam, instant proof!

3. Quote your successful clients in your presentation.

A testimonial or case study can easily and simply be included in your PowerPoint presentation. Include a photo of your client and put their words in “quote marks”. Audiences find it fascinating to hear how you have helped and to see a client’s glowing words. Beautiful!

4. Hold a competition.

Ask your audience to share what they enjoyed most or their biggest A-ha moment from your presentation. Create a buzz in your community. Be sure to make it a great prize of course!

5. Have your case study live in the audience.

Point them out; people love recognition, to feel significant. If they are proud of the results they have achieved, they will in many cases be over the moon to say so. Invite them to talk about the results they have enjoyed (this gives them public speaking practise too!)

These techniques have all worked for me. They are simple and easy to apply. This is good news if you don’t like to brag about yourself because now you don’t need to and it always sounds better when someone else reveres you and gives you their testimonial.

If you are organised enough to be on the front foot, you can make it easy for your audience to do the bragging for you. This can build your social proof and can build your case for future public speaking gigs.

Embrace the testimonials, enjoy your tribe. Celebrate together.

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