Leverage Your Team for More Time, Effort, Angle & Money


Leverage Your Team for More Time, Effort, Angle & Money

When running a business, you can’t do it all yourself, you need to leverage your team if you want to be successful. 

During more than 35 years of working in and managing companies, I’ve been involved in many businesses and countless projects with a whole range of different team structures and skill sets.

I’ve seen firsthand the benefits of a highly functioning team and the problems of a poorly working team, or no team at all.

In one of my previous articles called KISS in your Business (Keep It Simple, Stupid), I wrote that many people make business too complicated and that by following the KISS Principle, business can be reduced to just three key areas, being Sales & Marketing, Operations & Delivery and Finance & Administration.

All businesses large and small need a team to run the business effectively and efficiently. Very few people have top-class skills across each of these key areas of business, and even if they do, they don’t have the time available to deploy their effort to maximum effect.

So, stop running ineffective teams or being a lone wolf with no team at all! With the right approach, you can leverage your TEAM to get more:

  • Time
  • Effort
  • Angle
  • Money


Time is the great equalizer – we all have the same 168 hours in a week. How we spend those 168 hours defines our priorities and determines our results.

Wouldn’t you like to have more time so that you can have a more fulfilling personal life and achieve more in your business?

By leveraging other people’s time, you can multiply yourself and expand your Time resource.

A team of five means 200 hours in a work week instead of your own 40 hours – think of how much more you could achieve by deploying more Time among a team instead of you just working harder and longer.

Obviously, the numbers need to stack up, and you need to be achieving a positive Return On Investment (ROI) from additional staff resources as you build your team, but that just requires some good strategy and planning.


We all have different skills. Utilising other people’s skill or effort is a great form of leverage.

You might be great at the front-end sales and marketing side of the business, being the shaker-and-mover making connections and doing deals. But you might not be so great on the operational side of things like meeting deadlines, doing paperwork or making sure you get paid on time.

The beauty of a highly functioning team means that you can expand your effort. Your team might include some great “doers” – the people in the engine room who just get the work done.

And while you might prefer the thought of poking your eyes out with a pair of chopsticks rather than processing receipts, paying bills and reconciling bank statements, there are actually people out there who enjoy bookkeeping and are great at it! So expand your effort to leverage your team. 

Deploying the human resources in your team is a great way of expanding your effort.


A fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference. Everyone has a different filter or lens through which they look at the world and having different people on your team is an opportunity for someone other than you to look at a problem, challenge or opportunity with a fresh perspective, a new point of view – a different Angle.

Have you ever spent what seems like forever banging your head against a wall trying to find a solution to a problem, then you simply talk it out with someone and they ask a question or make a comment from an angle you hadn’t considered, and then Bam!, you have an epiphany?

Or at the very least you gain a new perspective on the problem that you hadn’t considered?

This is the benefit that a new Angle can bring.


So, what’s the potential outcome of all this? Ideally, it’s the key benefits of more Time, Effort and Angle, which brings better efficiency, greater effectiveness and higher output, all of which leads to more Money by increasing income and reducing costs. All of this would then drive up your overall profit, putting more Money in your pocket.

Focus on creating a high-performing TEAM, and you could put your business in a winning position!

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