How I Learned to Save Time on Social Media


How I Learned to Save Time on Social Media

Does posting on social media seem to take lots of time, give you brain scramble and do you often feel at a loss for what to write?

I know how you feel, that used to be me too! We all know being active on social media is a must if you want your business to have an online presence. So, knowing what is good for my business, I have always made sure I do that and stayed pretty active on at least two social media platforms.

Up until a few months ago, I found it was taking up so much time. It used to take me ages to think about what to post, and often I would go for a couple of weeks or more not posting anything because I didn’t have time or I couldn’t think of anything to write about. It was only when I started to lose ‘page likes’ that I was prompted to write something; that moving away from motivation strategy of mine works every time, but that’s another story I’ll probably share with you another time.

Anyway, back to my social media issue! I bumped into my friend and favourite social media specialist, fellow Smallvillian Contributor, Leanne Peard, who is always staying up to date with the latest including recently starting a 30-day challenge on Facebook. She was holding one of her one-day Facebook workshops, so off I went. There had to be an easier way!

I was riveted, and even when everyone went off to lunch, I was so excited at what I learned, that I stayed behind and after eating my lunch I sat in the empty classroom and started to map out my plan. So cool!

So, what was it?

Well, when I think about it, it’s really simple. I coach my own clients to map out their year, months and weeks to achieve their goals, but I didn’t even think about doing that with my social media posts, go figure.

What I learned has helped me save so much time. It now only takes me around 30 minutes to schedule my social media for the week. I am never, and I do mean never, lost for what to write or live stream on. My posts are more interesting and valuable because I am enjoying writing them and I produce more gold. I have more engagement, and I even have more people contact me.

It’s a great strategy, and if you take the time to map it out, it will save you so much time in the long run, cut out that social media brain scramble and create more engagement for your business.

It’s a thing called theming, and it’s awesome!

Create a theme for the year.

I decided to theme my year around one of my coaching programs and write about all the things I coach my clients on in that particular program. This created an abundance of content for me. You can do this with any business, so for example if you sell cleaning products you can theme your year on cleaning.

Create a theme for the month.

This one I skipped, but you can break your yearly theme down into a particular category of your yearly theme. So back to that cleaning example, it might be a particular cleaning problem people deal with.

Create a theme for the week.

This I love because I can use conversations I have with my clients to prompt me on the theme for that week, which is really cool. So back to the cleaning example again, you could theme the week on a particular cleaning product.

Create a theme for the day.

Because I am an NLP coach, I have themed my days to ‘Mindset Monday’, ‘Wise Wednesday’, etc. Again, this gives me a consistent way of writing and a regular routine, so my audience expects my posts, creating more engagement. So, choose your daily theme.

Put it all in a plan.

You can do this in Word or Excel and map it out, make sure you tick off when you have posted it, your unconscious mind loves it, and you will feel a sense of achievement. Decide in advance what you will write about.

There it is! So simple and if you put in that time now you will save yourself so much time and stress in the long run. It took me just a lunch break in a classroom alone to make a good start on it, and it was well worth it.

Make sure you give it a go. Your brain will love you for it!

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