Leadership Is a Skill That Can Be Nurtured and Developed


Leadership Is a Skill That Can Be Nurtured and Developed

I have been following the unfolding social movement being led by young people in the USA around changes to their country’s gun laws. 

I have been humbled and emotional in the face of what is driving them, and as a result, I have been contemplating leadership. I have been in numerous leadership roles and also followed other’s leadership.

I have had experiences of success and also failures as both a leader and a team member. A lot has been and will continue to be written about leadership. However, for this small article, I want to share my current musings.

Leadership is like a multifaceted beast that we can all learn to love and tame.

What I have witnessed is this:

  • When someone is being successful in leadership, passion and strong belief are present.

When someone fully believes in their business or their cause, this passion and belief is noticeable by others and adds to the authenticity and relatability of what the leader is attempting to achieve.

  • A good leader enrols others and builds community.

The passion of the leader can inspire and motivate others; people will then enrol in the vision. I have observed how when enrolment is taken to the level of building a community of like-minded people that this is when businesses or social movements start to move to a new level of success.

  • Good leaders can empathise but at the same time also have good boundaries.

This empathy is great for assisting with enrolment, with retaining good teams, and also understanding and or anticipating obstacles. When combined with good boundaries a leader can articulate their vision and influence the shape of the culture that is being created.

  • A good leader is not afraid of failure and will build learning into their processes.

Not all projects succeed at first and social movements can take a long time. Leaders take the failures and see what can be learned so that momentum will not be lost and new directions can be created. Through having a passion that informs their vision leaders can transform failures from the realm of negative experiences to the realm of insight and action.

These are all things we can all learn; leadership is a skill that can be nurtured and developed.

At times, with leadership, it may seem like you are an ancient Greek warrior or God battling with the many-headed Hydra so expect a few pitfalls, expect some de-enrolment, and some hair pulling.

Remember to embrace your passion, don’t forget others, learn from failures, and don’t forget to empathise with both yourself and others.

With the will to learn and succeed we can all become leaders with dedication and practise.

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