Know Your Zone of Genius to Change Your Life (and Your Business)


Know Your Zone of Genius to Change Your Life (and Your Business)

What would you do if you didn’t spend so much time in your business?

Would you relax? Spend more time with your family? Take up a new hobby?

You’re probably thinking, “That’s a nice thought, Renee, but I don’t have time. My business doesn’t work unless I work”. And I used to be the same. I’d stay up late, burning the midnight oil to get things done. I felt guilty about not spending much time with my family. It was a fast-track to burn out.

That is, until I started leveraging. Now I only work during school terms, during school hours. And I’m doing things in my business that I love. My business has grown and I have more free time than before.

So what can you leverage? There are 3 “levers” you can pull in your business: Products, People, and Systems.

Let’s look at People. People are always the most important asset in our businesses (and our lives).


When it comes to people, it’s all about delegation.

If it is outside your zone of genius, leverage the expertise of others and focus on doing the stuff that is in your flow. You’ll be more effective and you’ll have more fun getting stuff done.

Let’s say you’re spending hours and hours every month trying to wrangle your accounting. What if you outsourced that to an external team member? How much time would you free up?

What about graphic design? Landing pages?

If you delegate those tasks to other people, you’d be free to grow your business by doing the things you love, like coaching clients or developing your thought leadership.

Can you smell the freedom? It smells like warm summer breezes and fresh strawberries. No? Okay, maybe it’s just me that loves the smell of freedom!

Everyone in their Zone of Genius

Make sure you’re delegating tasks to people that are in their zone of genius and that they love doing. That way, everyone gets to love what they do and do what they love (and this is reflected in output). It also means that you won’t need to micro-manage them and you’ll avoid the horrible realisation that “It’s easier to just do it myself.”

Everyone’s a winner!

The possibilities are endless, but here are some ideas on what you might like to outsource:

  • Book-keeping
  • Accounting and tax returns
  • Cleaning
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Social media
  • Creating images on brand for social media
  • Landing pages
  • Website
  • Creating workbooks and worksheets
  • Creating slide decks
  • Finding the perfect images for your slide decks
  • Graphic design
  • Internet research
  • Editing audio and video
  • Uploading audio and video
  • Database management
  • Transcription

But I can’t afford to outsource this stuff…

Of course you’ll need to look at your numbers before committing to outsourcing. Hell, it’s a scary prospect.

But whether you can “afford” it also depends on how much money you can make while someone else is doing that task. “Flip your thinking”, as Sam Riley said on my podcast.

What if you close a $500 sale with a client while someone else is setting up your landing page? Think about outsourcing also in terms of the money you could be making if you had that time.

Is it actually worth it?

Building my team has been one of the biggest game changers. I stick to my zone of genius and I’m building a team of others operating in their own zones of genius.

I spend more time doing the stuff I love. I have more freedom. And, I’m making more money.

What are the things you hate doing in your business? How much time do you spend doing those things? How much more money could you make redirecting your energy into other areas of your business? How much more free time would you have?

Go ahead. Think about it. I dare you.

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