Do You Know Your Business’ Online Value? Time for a Digital Audit


Do You Know Your Business’ Online Value? Time for a Digital Audit

In most Small Businesses you’ll find a detailed asset register which gets audited every year around tax time. Without an asset register a business would not be able to measure their value or quantify their expenditure. It’s something that’s done regularly for ‘physical’ assets but should also be done for ‘digital’ assets.

I spend the first few weeks with new clients just going through where their business is online and helping them retrieve logins. I call this “digital forensics”, as it really is an in-depth process of interview and elimination, that sometimes results in the demise of some profiles because the business hasn’t properly retained ownership or managed the asset with the level of importance that it deserves.

This time could be better spent on strategy instead on housekeeping. So creating an online register and conducting annual audits can save time and money in the long run, but also makes sure the business’ online strategy is producing results.

A digital audit looks at the Why, What, Where and How of your business’ influence on online.

Check 1: Digital Strategy

Do you have a written digital strategy? Do you know what your business’ goals for being online? How are you measuring success?

Check 2: Digital Assets

Make a list of all the online assets your business has, include:

  1. Owned: the obvious ones like website, social media profiles, prospect and client database; as well as
  2. Earned: the not so obvious ones like your presence in social media groups, size of your Facebook website custom audience and your Google Maps and Yelp listings etc.
  3. Tools: Digital assets should also include any programs or applications your business has that helps with managing and moderation of your online presence.

TIP: Try Googling your business name, email address and/or phone number to discover some places you didn’t even know your business was at.

Check 3: Search Engine Ranking (or lack thereof)

Your rank in search results for specific keywords is a valuable asset to your business. Research what search terms/keywords your business ranks for and those keywords you would like it to rank for.

TIP: Try entering in keywords to the Keyword Rank Checker

Check 4: Branding and Message

Do all your online assets have a consistent brand and message? Is your logo strong on your website and your social media profiles? Are your social media post images branded with your URL so people can find you?

TIP: Have a square ‘icon’ version of your logo created with little or no text so that it stands out in a crowded newsfeed. Imagine Target, Nike or Facebook.

Check 5: Policies and Processes

Have you written policies and procedures for all your online profiles, including your website? Heaven forbid somethings happens to you and then nobody can login to your website to make updates!

Check 6: Security and Backups

Do you have strong security installed on your website? Do you do regular backups of your website?

Do you have a secure register for all the logins and passwords for all your online assets?

Do you have a current list of everyone that is an admin of any online asset or has been given the current access passwords?

Do you regularly reset passwords for all online assets?

Check 7: Influence and Reputation

Your business’ influence (your business’ ability to move your audience to take action) and your reputation (what your audience knows and thinks about your business), the size of your active community, is your ‘online’ goodwill and should be measured and monitored regularly.

Check 8: Management and Moderation

Do you have a written digital marketing strategy?

Who monitors your online communities?

Do you have procedures for dealing with negative engagement on social media?

Check 9: Metrics and Measurement

What metrics will you use to measure your success online?

Are you regularly measuring your digital reach and influence?

Are you tracking conversions so you can do more of what works?

Other audits you should think about conducting:

  • – Website Performance Audit
  • – Social Media Audit
  • – Content Marketing Audit
  • – SEO Audit
  • – Email Marketing Audit

You spend a lot of time and money setting up and nurturing your business’ online presence; it’s crazy to think that you don’t keep tabs on them.

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