Killing My Netflix Subscription Was the Most Productive Thing I’ve Ever Done


Killing My Netflix Subscription Was the Most Productive Thing I’ve Ever Done

Who hasn’t gotten sucked into a marathon TV series session? That moment when, as one episode finishes, you look to your partner and say, “One more?”

It starts out as an innocent episode a night and ends up a TV binge fest; you move from watching just one series to multiple series, and you’re addicted. Hands up, and be honest, is this you? I am sure some of you are nodding as you read. Maybe you even downloaded the app on multiple devices so you can watch your programs from any location? No judgement here, I have been guilty of this.

I found by the end of a week that by watching TV, I would feel frustrated and uninspired, as I had made no significant advancements towards my goals. This led to further procrastination that snowballed into the next week until I realised I was in a downward spiral of inaction.

I am not saying watching Netflix means you need to join a support group, where you meet other show addicts. All I am saying is that sometimes we all need a wakeup call. Engaging in a non-productive activity to excess, at the expense of business or personal goals, will not keep you on the path to ultimate fulfilment.

Schedule Goal Kicking

The most productive time of my life was when I was writing my book, ‘Rock Her World’. Every night, after my wife and I had put our four children (triplets + 1) to bed, cleaned up and prepared for the next day; I would sit down and write.  I wrote from 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm, every night for 30 consecutive nights. My end goal and the result was an amazing asset, that has helped my business grow immeasurably, and generated more than $100,000 in sales.

When were you the most productive? During this time were non-productive activities like watching television part of your focus?

I would love to say that I got Netflix for the kids, but the truth is I wanted to watch the movies and television series on demand. However, that one episode a night turned into many and the time I had for creating something meaningful and tangible was wasted.

Want to hear something really scary?

We can all admit to a little bit of television viewing. However, have you ever counted how much time you actually spend watching TV? Let’s say you watch a normal series (45min) plus a little bit of surfing (15min) from Monday to Friday, plus little more on the weekend, say 2 hours each day; That adds up to around 9 hours a week. This is a conservative guess, as the ABS state the average person watches 21 hours of television per week.

How many times have you persisted watching a movie, until it finished at 11:30 pm, only to find that you couldn’t even remember what it was you watched the night before? Is this really time well spent or could you be using it more effectively? So whether you are watching 9 hours or the average 21 hours per week, it can be worth between 1 – 2.5 days of productivity.

Now I am not saying you should give up all your down time. However, it can be worthwhile to measure how much time you are giving to leisure activities, as often we can underestimate the amount.

It’s time to Achieve Amazing

Is there a goal you have wanted to achieve, but have been using the excuse, “I don’t have time,” then make a decision right now to change your mindset. If you have Netflix or Foxtel – end your subscription, pull out the TV cable and decide to not watch TV for 30 days. Think you can’t do it? You can! You just need to change your mindset. The first few days might be a little tough until you get into the habit, especially if the office chat is all about what’s happening in The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad.

However by starting the 30-day challenge you are making a commitment to prioritise your time and start using it to achieve your goals. If it helps, get an accountability buddy; support each other in achieving a measurable goal and TELEVISION FREEDOM!

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  • Tracy

    Love it Karl,

    A 30 day challenge ‘eh…
    I do something similar – I allow myself 1 binge watch season then we disconnect for a month to get stuff done. It’s about finding that right balance for you isn’t it.
    As soon as I finish “Sons of Anarchy” I’m due for another TV purge 🙂

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