I’ve Fallen Out of Love With Facebook Groups


I’ve Fallen Out of Love With Facebook Groups

Do you personally feel like you spend all day in Facebook groups, just spinning your wheels and making little to no progress?

Facebook groups can be amazing for business. They’re a powerful networking and visibility tool. But, here’s what I learned recently: the value of Facebook groups for networking depends on who you are and what your Zone of Genius is.

Since I’ve created a whole bunch of leverage in my business, including bringing on my Content Manager and Media Producer, who handles a large portion of my social media and content presence. I’ve found that I have way more time to dream and experiment in my business.

I was tired of spending hours and hours behind a computer screen which usually leaves me feeling blah. On the other hand, talking to people in person gets me excited, it leaves me feeling full rather than drained.

My experiment with face to face networking.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was inspired to finally try Meetup. Meetup, if you’re unfamiliar with it, is an online social networking site that lets you organise and join offline meetings. Where you actually meet up with people in real life!

So, with very little understanding of how Meetup worked, I dove in and created my very own first event – a free workshop on my 7 Stages of Productisation. I had eight people RSVP, and three people show up. All I literally did was create the group and the event.

And every single one of those people who showed up were my ideal clients. I was stunned. It was an experiment. I was honestly not expecting anyone to show up.

Now, I’m not suggesting that every meeting organised through Meetup is always that successful or that easy, but, compared to the hours and hours spent trying to convert Facebook folks into real-life attendees, I was totally shocked at how easy Meetup was.

And, to make my experiment even more worth it, I effortlessly sold one of my 1-day workshop places to someone from Meetup who attended. Someone with whom I’d never connected prior to the Meetup.

Compared to hours spent in Facebook groups, and months trying to cultivate online friendships that don’t feel like they go anywhere, I suddenly realised:

Online networking isn’t playing to my strengths.

Where I really shine and thrive is in-person connection. And by focusing too heavily on Facebook groups, I’d stopped going to as many in-person networking events. I stopped talking to as many people in real life.

So, I’m going to ask you a question: Is your networking strategy playing to your strengths?

If you’re a coach or a thought leader, chances are you’re a people-person. You like connecting with others, face to face. Feeling the buzz and energy in one room.

So, perhaps, like me, you too might benefit with experimenting with more in-person events.

Will I stop hanging out in Facebook groups?

I’m not sure. Maybe. I’m noticing that I feel a little FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) at the thought of leaving some groups. And, I personally love the peer group of coaches and thought leaders in my own group.

But, I know that I can’t or shouldn’t rely on it for my business. I don’t get excited about spending hours on Facebook. I get excited about talking to amazing and passionate coaches and thought leaders.

I’ve been putting all my carrots in one basket – and that basket is not where I’m in my element. I absolutely think that as coaches and thought leaders Facebook groups can be important elements in our networking mix.

The danger lies when we forget who we are and forget to play to our strengths. It can be very easy to get FOMO and go with the crowd. Everyone’s doing X, so I’ll do it too! And abandon what we ultimately know to be best for ourselves and our businesses.

Should you spend less time in Facebook groups?

Here are 3 questions I want you to answer:

  • Does spending time in Facebook groups energise you or leave you feeling drained?
  • Do you shine online or in person?
  • And finally, where did your last three ideal clients come from?

The answers to those questions should give you a pretty good clue where your energy is best-spent networking.

Are you going to try some more offline-networking? Do you have more success online or off? I’d love to know! Let’s chat in the comments below!

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